Thank you so much for trusting me to support you in your movement and mindset.
It’s a real honor to do this life with you, as you say yes to you.
Now let’s start to create more Time, Energy & Freedom to do the things you love.


Consistency is key to building clarity and focus when it comes to your mindset.

The 3 Steps below are what I want you to do next.

Step 1) Listen to the first 426 Meditation, which will build the foundation for simplifying your meditation practice.

Step 2) 99% of people that are successful with this meditation program do it in the morning, my Morning Meditation is a great place to start

Step 3) After listening to all 5 meditations, choose your favorite.
Let’s create a winning streak and schedule time every morning for the next 8 Days (or the rest of the year) to listen to it.

Click below to download them.

1. 426 Meditation
2. Morning Meditation
3. Momentum
4. Average to Excellence
5. Re-Center

I’m super interested in hearing how your experience is with these meditations.

If you’ve made it to the bottom of this email, (haha) first of all I know you’re committed to completion and second of all, I already know that you have an 8 Days A Week mindset, so let’s continue to build on it.

One thing that provides me momentum is knowing that you use these meditations. I know it’s taken me 10 years and multiple mentors to consistently implement meditation into my life.

To make sure it doesn’t take you as long as it took me (because who has 10 years), I’m going to check in with you in 8 days to see how you’re doing.

Ready, set, implement ….

Cheers with water,

– Coach

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