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Dane DeHaan becomes Valerian

See how Dane DeHaan builds his body and mind to save the planets and become Valerian with Coach Adam Cobb on location in Paris, in Luc Besson’s new movie Valerian – And the City of 1000 Planets.

My TEDx Talk

In this talk I gave for TEDxSantaBarbara, I share how living by design, versus default, can add an hour a day to your life and help you reclaim the person you are meant to be.

I always start my day with Pure Cleanse!
Vanessa Hudgens, Actress



Adam’s method has not only improved my physique... but my mind and spirituality.
David Lee, NBA All-Star


Adam is my coach! I believe anyone who achieves at a high level has a coach. Adam specifically coaches me in the health and wellness space. There is so much confusion when it comes to diet, exercise and how to get into a body that you love and feels great. Adam is a genius at this topic!
Mastin Kipp, Founder,


Pure Cleanse is the most amazing shake ever. It’s so amazing I’m in love. Such a beautiful neutral flavor and at the same time tastes doughy and thick. I love love love it!
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I love the Pure Program because it takes the guesswork out of my nutrition. I’m absolutely hooked!
Austin Butler, Actor


My favorite CAC supplement is the Pure Greens. I always start my day with a scoop. It’s the perfect kickstart; I find throughout the day I am less hungry, have more energy, drink more water, and my skin stays fresh and clear.
AnnaSophia Robb, Actress



Coach Adam has a great supplement program, specialized for athletes, like me. Seen many advantages in using them.
Landry Fields, NBA Athlete


After 30 hours of traveling from NYC to Capetown it was normal for me to get off the plane, treat people with kindness, walk the beach, appreciate the sunset, have...
If you could give this year a title, a word that would summarize how you want to show up, what would that word be? I’ll go first. My word for...
Up & Adam! On Saturday August 20th 2016 on a warm sunny Santa Barbara day I faced my biggest Fear.   It’s one thing when you’re the underdog and you...
In 2001 on the Gold Coast of Australia at Bond University during a full court basketball game was the last time I was forced to rest. When the game was...

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