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"Adam is my coach. I believe anyone who achieves at a high level has a coach. Adam specifically coaches me in the health and wellness space. There is so much confusion when it comes to diet, exercise and how to get into a body that you love and that feels great. Adam is a genius at his topic!"

—Mastin Kipp

"Adam and his Pure Program are excellent, we feel fresh, fit and more alive than ever!"

—Pastor Phil Dooley
Hillsong, Capetown, South Africa

"Working with Adam has changed my body and mind and has touched my inner self. Realizing that the mind body connection is the most powerful thing in overcoming any obstacle in life, is forever eternal. My new internalizations about health, exercise, and life have been so rewarding. Adam's training and coaching has inspired me to reach new heights. Adam's company has laid my foundation and showed me the way to a healthy, well-rounded life, and I am grateful for that. I feel prosperous every day."

—Christine Lugo

"Working with Adam Cobb...has been one of the best decisions I have ever made!"

—Landry Fields
NBA Basketball Player

Redick and his trainer, Adam Cobb, are doing less weight-training than Redick has done in the past. The goal is to become a 'more fluid player'"

—J.J. Redick
NBA Basketball Player

"I made a huge amount of progress (working with Coach Adam Cobb), not only with my mind and my body—but all together. That's what Find Your Center is all about...getting your body and your mind from one place to another, and Adam is unbelievable at that! We go #8DaysAWeeK baby!"

—David Lee
NBA Basketball Player