Supplement of the Month – Pure Greens

You may have noticed our new Supplement Of The Month feature in the sidebar on some of our main website pages. We are going to feature one product each month and then post some additional information about the product and what it can do for you. Our first entry is Pure Greens.

Pure Greens at FYCNYC Pure Greens is a great way for anyone to get an extra boost of nutrition while supporting healthy detoxification functions. This flavorful vegetarian drink mix supplement is a carefully formulated combination of nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits, herbs, and herbal extracts, the purpose of which is to cleanse, detoxify, and rejuvenate.

Pure Greens is easy to eat. Just mix with water or your favorite beverage for that extra boost. Add it to your morning routine to start your day with something both flavorful and beneficial.

Pure Greens also includes Chlorella, Soy Lecithin, Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, enzymes and pro-biotic cultures designed for added support and benefit to the primary functions.

What a great way to have fun, stay youthful, and be cool!

Your friend in health,
Adam aka Guru

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