Getting Personal and Raw


This week, I am excited to share with you a very raw, unadulterated Tuesday Talk from my personal home office in Williamsburg, Brooklyn! Yeah! So raw, we took it on my iPhone!

I wanted to bring you into my space—as I am in the process for preparing for my biggest challenge yet…writing my first book.  #8DaysAWeek

As I move from individual coaching to sharing the FYCmethod to everyone that will listen, I am growing every step of the way—in front of all of you (I might add). 

Some days I am on fire, some days I am super uncomfortable and nervous, but regardless of what day it may be, I hope that you are taking away something from each blog, each video, and each program that we create—because that’s all that matters.

In today’s video, I am sharing three key things:

1.     What my comfort zone looks like

2.     What makes me nervous and uncomfortable

3.     And, how I have been preparing for my biggest challenge yet

Tweetable: “There is in the act of preparing the moment you start caring.” – Winston Churchill @CoachAdamCobb @FYCmethod

As you watch this weeks video above, start to think, what is the thing you have been yearning to do (or just started to tackle) that will get you out of your comfort zone?

How are you preparing for that challenge? The caring is around the corner. #GoTime

Be sure to share your plan with our community in the comments below—as I will be reviewing them personally and can’t wait to hear all about it.

Cheers with Water,

Coach Adam Cobb

4 thoughts on “Getting Personal and Raw

  1. I’ve recently changed 4 things to increase productivity and accountability in my life: sleep early, wake up earlier, take lukewarm showers, embrace a vegetarian diet. Thank you FYC for the motivation and the education.

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