What do you do?

How many times have you been at a party or met someone new and the first question they ask you is, “what do you do?”…

What is your usual answer? Even better, what is the feeling you have after giving your answer?

Years ago – my brother from another mother, Dhru asked me to take a deep look into myself and the brand that I wanted to create. It was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever had to do and then I got busy working with clients and avoided doing the hard work to discover the full answer.

Then my sister – from another mister… Seema asked me the question again around what do I do and getting clear on how do I do it. Know that this answer helps to create a brand that is clearer to share with the world.

I still had a lot of resistance (aka stubbornness!) around flushing out the real answer because I just wanted to coach my private 1 on 1 clients.

Finally, Mastin…  another brother from another mother – really challenged me on creating an online business and online program so that my work could reach more people and that I could amplify my message.

Having almost every step needed to launch a program and needing to now just flip the switch – I defaulted back into my comfort zone working with high performers 1 on 1.

After these 3 very special friends that I would call family members challenged me over the last 5 years I finally created the space in Paris to get clear on what it is I do that has birthed my first online program that is coming soon and I wanted to share with you the question that I had to ask myself to create the best answer for myself.

I’ll share my answer with you as well as to what it is I do hoping that it provides clarity for what it is that you do. I hope you enjoy today’s message and it brings clarity to you so that the next time you hear that question you provide an answer that you feel confident about and that gives off the greatest version of who you are.

The answer to this exercise might even provide more clarity in your life, unlock the key to your greatness and send you on your life’s work.

Bonjour from Paris,

P.S. Love you – Dhru, Seema, and Mastin — you have helped me have the courage to be still long enough to get clear and specific on my message, understand the importance of amplifying my message to many, putting away perfect, and to know what my most important thing is because I am a uni-tasker.

P.S.S. All men are —> uni-taskers 🙂

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