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Let me be the first to say… TGIM (Thank God It’s Monday!). Right now, at 4:47AM is your time to rise and shine and get ahead for the week to come. This gives you time to start your morning rituals and get ready for movement at 5:00AM.  Today I’m writing to you from Bali, Indonesia. While here I’ve been taking time to practice my mentor’s message of “Find Your Center”. I’ve thought deeply about the past year; the areas I’ve showed up… and the areas I haven’t.  One of those areas of “not showing up” I have realized, is with you.

I am so grateful for you, your commitment to move well, eat well and think well, your desire to be a high performer… it lights me up, its my oxygen, it’s the reason I do what I do. I started this community to create a home for people like you;  a place to celebrate victories, a family where you can laugh, cry, disagree, and grow together in your wellness. I do want to apologize though for going missing in action, for not encouraging, motivating, and supporting you as much as I could and would have liked to over the last year.

2016 has been a crazy busy year. From January until June, I was on the set of a 220 million dollar movie in Paris as the performance coach for the lead actors, then when I returned to the USA I hit the ground running with multiple NBA athletes, all the while preparing (and then presenting) my first ever TED talk. But do you know what?

These are all just excuses.

If a client used these reasons as to why they didn’t eat breakfast for 11 months, or why they took 11 months off of movement; I would call them out and demand more from them.

So now I’m calling myself out. It’s time for me to show up for you.

I choose to take the incredible opportunities and blessings that have come to me this year and use them to serve you at a higher level. From now on you’ll be hearing from me weekly with either videos, blogs, recorded meditations, or bonus gifts. I will be the voice in your head when you feel like hitting the snooze button, the support you need  when you only have 20 minutes to move, and will give you the knowledge you need to produce your best results.

I’m holding myself accountable to all of the above.

I’m calling your name too ~Contact.FirstName~ to hold yourself accountable.

What do you need to reset in your life now? i.e. Did you lose that extra 10 pounds this year, did you make time for you, have you had “that” conversation with you Dad, Mom or partner?

I’ve attached a guided meditation because I don’t want you feeling like you need to wait to go to Bali to Find Your Center and create more forward movement in your life.


My vision is to have a home where we party because we are living out our potential and there is so much to celebrate! Potential is realized when we practice physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual movement… so let’s move well. Average turns to excellence when we design our day around mindful eating, knowing food is fuel and the reason we eat is for energy, so let’s eat well. Busyness ends and productivity replaces it when we make space for ourselves, actually schedule space to breathe, reflect and love ourselves, so let’s think well.

This community doesn’t need to wait until New Years day and end up a statistic by gaining 7 pounds over the holidays. We START NOW by moving daily 20 minutes or more. This year we become the example for our loved ones, this will have a ripple effect on your family and friends. Let’s blaze a new trail this holiday season and truly celebrate those treat meals because we know we earned them.

I leave you today with a question…

What is the one thing that keeps you up or wakes you up at 2am, aside from your incredible hydration?

Cheers with mint water from Bali.


PS. If you’re more of an auditory person, and like yourself some audio books, then take a listen to todays message CLICK HERE!

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