Up & Adam: 8 Lessons from Bali in 8 mins

In 2001 on the Gold Coast of Australia at Bond University during a full court basketball game was the last time I was forced to rest. When the game was tied 10 – 10 with game point being 11, only 1 point away I decided to lead the fast break, an Australian choose to stand right below the net to prevent me from driving to the hoop, in all of my rebellious nature I choose to jump over him, feeling like Michael Jordan himself and wanting to prove White Men Can Jump I took off or should I say up… jumping fully over the Aussie defender inches away from dunking the ball for the game winning point the very tip of my sneaker hit his forehead and sent me for a full flip in the air resulting with me landing on the back of my head.

When I woke up with the back of my head laying in a pool of blood 20 seconds after being knocked out with 20 plus people huddled over me waiting for me to become conscious, I asked, “did it go in?” Then I was placed on a stretcher in full spine and neck prevention protocols, rushed to the hospital via ambulance where I had several stitches and the doctor told me to rest for 7 days, to understand to severity of the situation. So I tried my best to listen to the doctors recommendation and rested for 12 hours, then the very next day I was shooting 100 foul shots. This was the only time I ever remember having a reason to rest and or directed to rest until now. CLICK HERE for your Up & Adam message.

This time I couldn’t take foul shots, when you have an infection in your leg that makes your leg swell so much that you can’t recognize your own leg and you’re in a third world country, this is not first world problem, it’s just straight up a problem.

My faith turned to doubt until an experience filled me up with more faith than I’ve ever felt before. Today I share with you the experience and 8 lessons of “real” rest as the result of fueling my faith and taking accountability for my own health. While watching today’s Up & Adam keep in mind you have healing powers within, you just need time to go within, that’s where your power, potential, and praise is.

Cheers with mint water from Bali.


PS. Move Well, Eat Well, Think Well and Rest Well

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