Lita Lewis

Lita Lewis has been in the fitness industry for a while and is passionate about helping people become the best versions of themselves, no matter how that may look for them as an individual. She is brave, wears her heart on her sleeve, and shows up for people in a way that allows them to be the best versions of themselves.

Lita’s Awakening

  • Lita shares how she takes ‘coming alive’ a bit further by focusing on awakening the soul.
  • “I do find myself living with a lot of passion and purpose which has given my life meaning, which has then turned into true health and happiness.”
  • She recalls feeling empty when she was working a corporate job in NYC. She didn’t want that to be her life. “In movement, I found a new spark.” But it didn’t fix everything.
  • “How do I give time and energy to this inner fitness?”
  • Lita began to meditate, pray, write positive affirmations on post-its, and create vision boards to help he reach breakthrough.

Being By Yourself

  • Finding time to herself before used to mean spending time outside, but that has changed due to the global pandemic.
  • During COVID-19, she finds her moments alone by going into the bathroom for a bath or shower, turning all the lights off, lighting a bunch of candles, and listening to music.

Word Association

  • Alive? Awaken.
  • Movement creates: freedom.
  • Eat for: fuel and enjoyment.
  • Desert island food? Mango.
  • Your center? Absolute peace. “It’s finding that inside voice when the whole world is chaotic.”


  • Adam shares a moment he expressed gratitude for everything Lita does that caused her to tear up.
  • Lita shares how she sees her ability to listen as one of her biggest gifts from God; being a parent is a gift she feels she is still growing into.
  • If she could have an 8th day in the week, she would fill it with stillness in nature.
  • “You need to switch off in order to switch on.”


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