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Up & Adam! Convert Energy Into Action

If you could give this year a title, a word that would summarize how you want to show up, what would that word be?

I’ll go first. My word for the year is Simplify. Ok, your turn, shoot me a message and let me know.

Watch this week’s video to find out the #1 communication tip that’s going to change your year. This game changing tip I learned less than a month ago and I’m already complaining, criticizing, arguing less and converting that energy into action. Please excuse or embrace my offbeat-ness to Jesus Walks right before the video officially starts.

Now I know most people took yesterday to recover and chill from NYE, considering the fact it was also Sunday. It’s like we were given permission to rest which is a big lesson that I learned in Bali last month, the importance and healing power of rest.

Ask yourself, how did I practice movement yesterday? I’d be willing to bet that you moved, you might have even moved well and for that I applaud you.

Today is Monday, so TGIM and it’s the day that New Year’s Day is observed…..hope you have some time to play, have fun with friends and family And.. let’s talk Resolution goals. Rather than making a list which I feel can be draining how about this……….

To kick this year off right let’s think of the 3 things you want to do more of and the 3 things you want to do less of.

Either respond to this email with your 3 things or post them on Instagram and tag me @coachadamcobb, let’s hold each other accountable.

Here’s my 3

More of:

1. I want to see more Sunrises and Sunsets

2. I want to spend more time with Fergusson my pup and my best friends

3. I want to say No more. the legend Joel A’Bell shared a message in 2016 that still has me thinking. Joel said, “If you can not grow your no, you will never bless your yes.”

Less of:

1. Sugar (the more I research sugar, the more I find how closely it’s connected to cancer. so it’s time to cut out all added sugar except for next Christmas time when Mum makes her chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin bread)

2. I want to listen to less podcasts and record more of my own. (basically, I’m saying I want to run my race and share with you how to design your day around the 8DaysAWeek mindset)

3. I want to get less frustrated when electronics i.e. iPhone or Mac don’t work like they are meant to. Patience is key for me and more breathing in that moment.

Now it’s your turn.

Happy & Healthy 17

Cheers with water,