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How Do You Wake Up With Energy?

On March 6th 2015 I found myself looking for entrepreneur inspiration on youtube. One thing led to another and I watched my first  #AskGaryVee Show. Currently there has been 202 episodes of Gary Vaynerchuk’s show and I’ve watched them all, most episodes twice. The reason why I’m hooked is because the show is based on real questions from real people and Gary gives the most straight up, real answers without any fluff.

As a coach, I’m answering questions daily and more importantly asking questions back. Realizing I rarely share these common questions will my tribe, I want to take a page out of GaryVee’s book.

This led me to today’s message that features one of the many questions I get asked daily over email, text, instagram or facebook.

“How do I wake up with energy?”

This is one of those Q’s I get weekly if not daily.

My answer is always the same,…

Rise with a Reason.

Easier said than done, I know… I’ve been there too. Letting the battle of the bed beat me each morning and the snooze button being my best friend.

80% of people hate their jobs, stated in Deloitte’s Shift Index Survey.  I’m a true believer that this is the culprit. So quit your job and start doing what you love right now, right?

Wrong answer.

For now, remember that if you do not love what you do, then keep making money at your job to support yourself AND spend an hour every morning, every night and a minimum of 8 hours on the weekend to develop your passion project.

At this rate you will spend 18 hours a week and 72 hours a month of quality time not on your job but on your future career.

There are few things in this life of ours that fuel us and fire us up more than loving what you do on a daily basis.

Before I share how I got to the place of being excited everyday and waking up with massive amounts of energy…. I encourage you to commit 8 days to these 3 steps that truly directed my path.

Side note: I love Joseph Campbell’s work and his phrase “Follow Your Bliss.” When I first heard this I was like sign me up, but how do we get there, what are the first few steps?

3 Steps to Direct your Path

1. Wake up one hour earlier (and don’t you dare hit snooze)

2. Move in the morning (aka sweat) for 20 or more minutes

3. Meditate for 5 minutes or more to start and end your day (download the insight timer app-it’s my favorite!)

Many people (before practicing there Big 3) always fight me on wanting to meditate before they move. For most people, bad idea.


Most people that try to meditate first thing in the morning, fall back asleep only to forget about directing their path. There is incredible power in meditating after movement when you’re in a peak state of energy while your heart rate is elevated. I teach clients how to harness the energy at peak times in their day to create more energy. This is a true game changer technique.

Word Of the Week (WOW): “To get to the place of loving what you do, first come from the place of having peace with what you have.”

Step back from all your “stuff” and appreciate what you have worked hard to get.

Also, what are a few things you have that you didn’t have to work for, the things that were God given? Fill up with gratitude to change your attitude from lack to limitless.

When you start to practice the 3 Points to Direct your Path you will be in the right position to figure out your “WHY”. Our “WHY” we do what we do helps define our direction and provides inspiration.

Simon Sinek gives a brilliant TED talk (3rd most watched) about “Discovering your Why”, here is the link to listen and find your why today.

We will explore this subject more in future Coaching Conversations.