Live By Faith, Work From The Heart

Live by faith,
Work from the heart,
Now that’s a fresh start.
Realizing the power of my words
And intentions,

Still a little freaked out
By my Nostradamus mention.
There he goes from 13 to 31,
From a boy to a man,
Lots to plan.
Without taking a step,
Saying no matter what age
I’ll always enjoy in depth.
Hands clinched wanting all,
Realizing palms open
Is the only way to play ball.
Only having one game plan,
Directed from above,
Who will know what
He will become.
Regardless of age,
What will be your stage,
And when will you decide to play.
Be a fan in the stands,
Or be on the court,
Creating the rules
To your own sport.
Because this life is a game,
Not driven by fame,
It’s created moment by moment,
So take a look in the mirror own it.

-Adam B. Cobb, CNC


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