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These 5 Minutes Will Change Your Day

Today I wanted to give you the #1 exercise that will give you your summer body.

Then I thought… well how about 3 foods that activate your metabolism?

Both of them I decided not to do and wanted to focus on 2 breathing techniques to decrease stress in your life in less than 45 seconds.

All of these topics fall short to this weeks message – knowing if you dedicate 5 minutes every day to journaling it will change your life forever.

This week I share a message with you on why journaling will change your life and how it has made massive impact in my life.

5 Tips on How To Improve Digestion & Use Food for Energy

While in Paris – my friend and I are enjoying an excellent omelette with veggies. In less than 5 minutes – my friend finishes and has to go directly to the restroom. #coachingmoment

When my friend returns, I continue our conversation and they start to notice (because their face is finally not buried in the plate) that in between each bite I’m putting my fork down. I comment on how good our meal tastes and they soon realize that they didn’t have much of an opinion on the taste because they inhaled the meal. Then they asked, why do I need to go to the restroom directly after my first bite?

There could be multiple answers for this one, but the first diagnosis is to slow down.

Here are my top 5 Tips on How To Improve Digestion & Use Food for Fuel. 

1. Chew slow to eat slow – when you bite your cheek or your tongue it’s usually because you are treating your food like a race. Start with 10 chews to every bite, build to 20 and slow each one down.

2. Smaller utensils – while in Paris I find that all the utensils are smaller… which forces me to eat slower and eat less.

3. Put down your small utensils – between each bite put it down, look around, benefit: taste your food.

4. Dim the lights – bring about a sense of calm while you dine… studies show that if you can calm your body and brain – you can slow down your eating.

5. Mix it up – use your non dominant hand or chopsticks to intentionally slow down. When you complete your meal you will feel energized vs tired.

Remember to Eat well, Eat for Energy.

Bonjour from Paris,


1 Minute of Real & Raw Motivation

Coming live from the production studio of Luc Besson’s Valerian, directly after an early morning with Valerian himself, my client and friend Dane Dehaan.

People want the life of an actor or athlete but they rarely see the sacrifices they make – like 5am pickups, 18-hour days, being far away from their significant other or family, missing Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday parties, the big game, etc.

This week I define the difference between the high performers I have the privilege to work with and the dreamers that don’t take action.

As your Coach I’d like to give you a homework assignment this week. What are the 3 most important reasons you move?

Here are My Reasons:
1. So I Don’t Get Tired
2. So I Don’t Get Tired
3. So I Don’t Get Tired

Because in my book, fatigue is failure and energy is everything!

Bonjour from Paris

It’s Time to Get Your Mind Right!

On January 2nd 2015, in Napa Valley, CA, it was a beautiful 75 degrees and ended up being the day I had a full restorative experience or what I like to call, “a Think Well session.”

I realized that up until that point in my life I thought I knew what resting was until the magic I was about to experience. Watch the video above to experience the magic with me.

Technology has made it so that we can work anywhere; therefore we work everywhere. 

Does this sound familiar?

To infuse think well-time into your day you must be okay with letting go of aspects of your career so you can create excellence in aspects of your life.

Simply napping is not enough!

In the next 30 days, I’m going to teach you how to restore, reset, and feel refreshed. 

Ultimately, so you feel energized to create momentum and feel fully alive and present in every moment.  The only way to put your “doing” down is to infuse think well techniques into your daily rhythm.

All you have do is sign up for the free #30DayThinkWellChallenge, starting Feb 1st, to receive daily messages from me that will consist of pics, videos, quotes, audio, copy, that will encompass meditation tips, spiritual practices, visualization exercises, planning techniques, anything and everything that will help you create mental space to get your mind right and gain the mental edge. 

This is the simple most important lesson I can teach you. It’s what truly makes me a coach and separates me from most trainers and nutritionists. 

To think well is not the absence of work, but the presence of the present moment. The reflection of what you have versus what you don’t have, who you are verse what you do.

I hope you accept my challenge and sign up for the #30DayThinkWellChallenge See you on the battle field, building the biggest muscle of all, the muscle of your mind.

It will be a game changing life exercise!

It’s time to get your mind right!

Cheers with Water,
Coach Adam Cobb


6 Simple Ways to Retrain Your Brain to Take Action


For years we all have instituted habits—daily actions that have become habitual by emulating others or for convenience alone. Some may improve our lives while others may add negativity or routine e.g., brushing your teeth twice a day to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. The funny thing is, you already know which ones fall into which category—and you may have wanted to change things for a long time, but, you didn’t—because of the #1 reason I hear all the time, “life happens.”

Here’s the truth: Wanting to be healthy is one thing. Living a healthy lifestyle is another.One way to retrain your brain  is to follow the simple steps of Move Well, Eat Well, and Think Well.  Create a habit versus an idea.

For many of us, there comes a time that we start to take account of our lives—reflect on our childhood, actions, attitudes, relationships, careers, family, etc. These reflections provide us with reasons of who we are, why we do what we do, and most importantly—why we feel what we feel.

Repeat after me…
In moments of reflection comes an opportunity for change.

In moments of reflection comes an opportunity for change.

In moments of reflection comes an opportunity for change.

As I continue to unfold the FYCmethod—the third pillar—Think Well–plays the ultimate role in this transition of living healthy and being happy. I will teach you ways to reflect, techniques to relax and de-stress, and most importantly—have you commit to living the life you have always wanted to live.

If you made this far, be sure to click on the video above to check out the video to learn 6 simple ways to retrain your brain to take action.

Remember it’s not easy, but it is simple. Especially when we do it together.

Cheers with Water,

Coach Adam Cobb

PS: Please do take a moment and let me know what you liked in this video and what you want see more of, and of course, questions are king. I will be answering them personally.

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REM for a Healthy Lifestyle

For the last several weeks I’ve been focused on REM, not rem sleep but Reading, Exercise, and Meditation. Its made a big impact on not only my energy, but my memory, and quality of life. Find out what order works for you and start with 10 minutes minimum of each.


I find that in the morning when I’m having my Pure Greens and breakfast Reading fits perfect. I’m reading constantly throughout the day, mostly on topics of health, nutrition, exercise, and coaching, but my readings in the morning are reserved for more spiritual reading and investing into my faith.

Then I’m off to the gym or track for Exercise, usually 30 to 50 minutes total.

Now comes the most important part and also the most neglected by most. By now meditation is known to be important, it has shown to have major benefits in stress relief which can significantly influence weight loss or as I like to say “health gain”. As if that’s not enough, many athletes, celebrities and leaders in the fields of business and success turn to meditation as their source for centering.

Back to my REM, after Exercise it’s time for me to complete my REM for the day. When I’m done stretching (and I hope you are stretching), either right in the gym, a bench on the riverwalk, central park or my balcony, I make time for meditation. Usually I spend 10 to 20 minutes to work the biggest muscle of all, the muscle of the mind.

Some people like to meditate first thing in the morning and if that works for you then that’s excellent, personally even though my energy is high right when I wake up I have more energy after I workout which makes this time optimal. Recently at Duke Integrative Medicine I asked the brilliant mind of Dr. Jeff Brantley, meditation leader, when is the best time to meditate and he answered, “during the part of your day when you experience the highest level of energy”. That answer confused me at first because I was always under the impression that when I felt calm and peaceful I should meditate, well guess what? If I meditate at that time, I’m falling asleep.

YOUR REM: ask yourself, When is the best time for my REM? How long will I give myself to complete my REM?

Important Note – for the people that think “I just don’t have enough time”, stop being selfish. The 30 minutes daily it will take you to make REM a part of your healthy lifestyle will provide you the ability to be a better listener, better communicator and better human being.

Make the time to Find Your Center

Cheers with Water,

Coach Adam Cobb

Adam’s Dozen

Here are nearly a dozen and a half easy, basic, points to simplify your life. And we all know what a complex thing life seems to be these days. Think about each one — there’s really know hidden meaning here, thought the true meaning might elude you for a while — and think about how it can fit into your life. Find the point of change it represents. Consider the purpose and what you can do to add it to your life as a component of change.
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