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Just getting back from travels late last night like many. Your travels could have been international or they may have been simply traveling to a place called Sunday, where people veg out in front of their television, especially in the now cold northeast. Since you signed up for the 60 Day Challenge its time to embrace this glorious Monday and set your sights on optimal health.

Stretching Workout - 60 Day Challenge - FYCNYCPersonally my exercise routine of late has been almost all outdoors with a combination of triathlon workouts, hill climbing, and ocean swimming. Therefore, I’m looking forward to my upcoming strength and size week indoors at the gym. I’m always cautious of being too lean as my Dad will point out on numerous occasions to instigate the Father/Son battle, all in good fun of coarse, I was a skinny teen. So this week I’m going with an old school approach and doing one body part a day. It looks a little something like this: broken down day 1-7 with the body part and the major exercise I focus on that day, with
the flexibility of combining 3 or 4 more of your favorites, just make
sure you get a minimum of 3 sets of the power move listed.

1. Back and lower back
*weighted pullups

2. Chest and abs
*barbell bench press

3. Legs and lower back
*walking dumbbell lunges

4. Shoulders and abs
*military dumbbell press
. Biceps and lower back
*barbell bicep curl

6. Triceps abs abs
*weighted dips

7. Stretch Day
*I like the P90X stretch video
(lower back) lower back
( * ) power move

Now I realize this workout will inspire the fellas but more than 60% of my clients, Facebook fans, and Blog followers are women and I’m sure that 99% of them are not excited or inspired by this workout so I highly recommend Shed It Now by Anna V., one of the best trainers and motivators in the country that I recently have had the pleasure in meeting and training with. Order her dynamic video, perfect timing for a home exercise video considering in NYC through Feb to March its 40 degrees or less, and/or go to her YouTube page to see the variety of workouts.

Remember, living a healthy lifestyle takes work, a support team and health vision. Write your health vision down and post it at work, on the fridge, in your car, bathroom, nightstand and most importantly on your television remote. I will be recommending other health professionals that also practice what they preach and having guest blogs from them and various experts in the weeks to come. Congratulate yourself for the commitment and continue striving everyday looking forward in the direction of your health vision, which is now everywhere, haha, have fun, laugh and move your body. Health can be fun, sexy and cool.

Your friend in health,
Coach Adam Cobb


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