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Adam’s Dozen

Here are nearly a dozen and a half easy, basic, points to simplify your life. And we all know what a complex thing life seems to be these days. Think about each one — there’s really know hidden meaning here, thought the true meaning might elude you for a while — and think about how it can fit into your life. Find the point of change it represents. Consider the purpose and what you can do to add it to your life as a component of change.
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Shelf Life Myths Dispelled




Some people think as long as its in the fridge or freezer it’s good forever. Here are the 6 mysteries that we will start to make history.

1. Mayo  has a 2 month shelf life

  • Zero in my refrigerator; replaced with hummus.

2. Ketchup has a  4 month shelf  life

  • Does not exist in my kitchen; substituted hot sauce.

3. Mustard has a  8 month shelf life

  • Very common condiment to go bad.

4. Eggs – 1 month shelf life

  • Hard boil the rest if expiration is approaching.

5. Meat – 1 year freezer shelf life

  • Less freeze; more nutrients.

6. Canned Veggies – 2 yearshelf  life

  • During client refrigerator clean outs, I’ve seen 4-5 year old can veggies! Replace with fresh greens.

Put together your game plan, execute, have fun, and get fit.

Your friend in health,

Coach Adam Cobb

Micro Cravings – Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail




After flying in from California over the weekend I was craving those warm mix nuts they served on the plane. I took some unsalted almonds, soaked them in water and sprinkled salt lightly over them in a glass bowl. Then I took the easy and unhealthy way of heating them up and used the microwave or in this case the “microcrave”. The picture, below right, is the result after only 45 seconds.
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