Each Day Should Be Flexible



…and so should you!

For most of us time is always the biggest excuse for moving less, not eating healthy, not taking time to take deep breaths. Here are a few tips to help you move in some movement and nutrition into your routine.
• Instead of the couch for watching the game, choose a straight chair or even sit on the floor. The reality is, the more you sit, the more you don’t move. The more you are comfortable, the more you don’t move. Sitting in a chair or on the floor allows for better posture and

• While cooking or working in the kitchen,  step back from the counter, lean in,  and do push-outs from its edge.

• And those snack trays… carrots, celery, broccoli, and cauliflower are good additions to, or replacements for, the chips and pizza rolls.

• Use a therapy exercise ball under your foot, if you are sitting for a long time to enhance blood circulation.  It also provides like a great massage for your foot.

• Yoga stretches can fit into your day just about anywhere and at just about any point.

• Consider getting a standing desk at work. It allows for  better posture, enhanced flexibility, and  even reducing calories.

The key is your flexibility — your ability to be flexible in your choices within the situations typical to any day and your ability to keep working on your physical flexibility through stretches and other exercises that fit into your routine. It really is the basis for happy, healthy relaxation time.

Sundays really should be flexible.

Your friend in health,
Coach Adam Cobb

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