How Successful People Dominate in Their Health and Wellness (Pt 1 of 5)



Do you ever wake up uninspired, hit the snooze button 17 times because you don’t want to get out of bed, or maybe you just have one of those days that you feel tired from the moment you rise to the moment you rest.

Conversely, have you ever wondered how the person next to you at the office is always energized, or the guy/girl that you see every day on your commute to work is constantly in a good mood, or how that mom with 3 kids, a husband, 2 dogs, a job and a household to run is super productive? #annoying

How do these people kill it in their careers and home life? Over the next 5 weeks I’m sharing Top Secret information with you so the people in your inner circle start calling you a Superhero and the Energizer Bunny. #energy4days

Check out this week’s Tuesday Night Talk, where I explore how to create, not “routines,” which can closely be classified as “ruts,” but learn how to create “rhythms” that govern your life. I am excited to share with you my new 5-part series over the next 5 weeks on “How Successful People Dominate in Their Health and Wellness.” Click the video above to watch this week’s episode.

Please, please, please, don’t forget to comment below the blog and let me know the 1 thing you do currently to dominate your day or the 1 thing that consistently throws you off. I will be looking at your comments and questions personally, so please make me better and help create health with me by inspiring the rest of the FYCcommunity.

Cheers with Water, 

Coach Adam Cobb

5 thoughts on “How Successful People Dominate in Their Health and Wellness (Pt 1 of 5)

  1. I love your morning Rythm ideas but they seems pretty difficult to do if caring for young children. Seems a lot easier if you are without kids. Maybe I can try waking up to music.

    1. Hey Christina:

      Thanks so much for watching the video. I have actually gotten this question a lot over the years from many of my personal clients – who are parents themselves. The consensus from what I have seen is although kids definitely add an element of spontaneity in the mix (you never know what they are going to do next)—I have still seen many of my clients schedule time for their morning rhythms with some creativity and it has worked (on most days). Some things I have heard – trying to wake up 30 mins before the kids to provide the time to do what they want—from stretching, moving, meditating, reading the paper/or something inspirational, to even as something crazy as leveraging your bathroom relief time in am to listen to the 5-7 podcast. Haha… I have also heard on the other hand that some have talked to their kids (obviously older) and told them they need a few mins every morning for “me” time—and will keep the kids occupied with a spouse, a nanny, a grandparent, a show, a toy, breakfast, etc.

      At the end of the day, each family and each child is so different—but as a coach I have always believed when you really want something to happen, you make it happen. I love the idea with starting out with music on your alarm clock—make sure it’s something that puts an extra step in your game. Music is one of my key sources of inspiration.

      I know this can be a sensitive issue for many, so I appreciate your comments and hope that other parents respond too and discuss their creative ways of creating morning rhythms to help the FYCcommunity of parents—which there are many! Thanks again for your comments and looking forward to many more.

  2. Great video 🙂 Good topic . I have to say that I wake up early everyday, about 5:30, without an alarm clock. This keeps me on a regular rhythm I do believe with good energy. However, if I go to bed very late (after midnight) for whatever reason, and wake up after 6:00 am, then my energy the next day is definately not the same. Also, water in the morning makes me feel good, no coffee necessary.

  3. Love the concept of this series! question do you get up the same time on the weekends? I find it very hard because I am not always able to get to bed at a reasonable time to wake up at 6 or 630. Any tips? Do you have a ‘cheat day’ or do you suggest a rest day where you sleep in. What do you do if you have a weeknight where you end up staying later than planned, like at a bible study for instance. Thanks Coach!

    1. Great question Chris. Mon-Fri 5:00a.m. club mandatory and weekends give yourself some grace. Give yourself permission throughout the week to take a 10-20 min nap sometime during the day. Warning: Careful of sleeping past 8:00 a.m. on Sunday–because it will be harder to get to bed and start the day early on Monday. If there is a day you sleep in–it’s Saturday.

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