{Part 2 of 5} How Successful People Dominate in Their Health and Wellness

” I just don’t have the time to exercise.”  Sound familiar? (No, not about you of course, but about your “friend.”)

This week in our Tuesday Night Talk, I share my top tip on how and why people who dominate in their health create more time to exercise. 

If that doesn’t get you to click on the video, how’s this minor detail…when implementing this tip, my clients have had a 100% success rate. 

Results are the anthem of tonight’s conversation. It’s time to move and grove.

Cheers with Water, 


Coach Adam Cobb

PS: Please don’t forget to comment below the blog and let me know how you are going to get started to move today.  I will be looking at your comments and questions personally, so please make me better and help create health with me by inspiring the rest of the FYCcommunity.



2 thoughts on “{Part 2 of 5} How Successful People Dominate in Their Health and Wellness

  1. In the morning I don’t eat until I work hard enough that my body craves food. At night I plan to work out two hours after I finish dinner. That means left over work, chores, getting the kids to bed, and surfing the web can only take 2 hours. 2 kids, 2 jobs, and no excuses. Rule your appetites or they will rule you.

    1. Hey Francisco–Cravings are a curse. Your body is working hard enough to keep you alive all night long. So, thank it in the morning and “break your fast” with some water and then some green juice. And, if you are working out hard in the am–have a healthy breakfast right after. Good to hear from you brother!

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