How to Become the Most Decisive Decision Maker You Know


Have you ever been in that place you had to make a real tough, challenging decision and struggled with it for days…maybe even weeks–because you didn’t even know where to start. I know I have! 

These “what if this” or “what if that” conversations you have in your head lead to increased stress and anxiety, which are two key areas that severely impact your energy levels and your mindset.

As we conclude the 5-part series in how successful people dominate in their health and wellness, decisive decision making is the last strategy. How do they do it you might ask? They have a group that they entrust called their Circle of Genius–or you may have heard it referenced as your Circle of Trust, Your Best 5 People You Know, or The Big 5 in Your Life. Whatever you may call it—having a Circle of Genius is your key to reducing stress and anxiety and becoming the most decisive decision maker you know.

To learn how to create your Circle of Genius and how to start to make decisive decisions with clarity and focus today, click the video above. Ready…set…let’s get started.

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After you watch the video, I’d love to hear your take on any of the 5 strategies in the series in the comment section below. What did you like? What did you need more clarity on? Remember, your feedback not only fuels future Tuesday Talks, it also allows the FYC community to learn from each other–which is even more important.

Cheers with Water,

Coach Adam Cobb

BTW: Want to thank you for sending in your questions from the survey we sent out a few weeks ago regarding your most frustrating health and wellness concerns and questions. With such an overwhelming response, I am excited to start a new series of Tuesday Talks next week focused on answering those questions and some surprises along the way.


3 thoughts on “How to Become the Most Decisive Decision Maker You Know

  1. Coach Adam – thanks for this great message. Honestly having a circle of genius is key as we face our emotions taking over.

    I personally needed this morning and I appreciate your coaching series.



  2. Coach Cobb! This 5 part series has been inspiring, motivating, and game changing for me! Each step was concise, practical, and groundbreaking and I loved that. This last step has been particularly useful for me in this season of my life. I’m excited to sit down and take a better look at my circle of genius. Thank you for making these videos, thank you for beif so personable and friendly on all your social media outlets, and thank you for making the FYC lifestyle attainable no matter who or where we are. You inspire meto live a life of balance and health in ALL aspects. – Jenna

  3. You are right for so many reasons. For everyone who plans to take this advice I would add, make sure patience is one of the virtues in the people you choose otherwise you might get left behind sooner than you’d hoped. When you work with people who are better, smarter, wiser, healthier, more successful, and/or more productive, you have to be prepared to step up your game. If you’re reading this you probably have what it takes to start on your circle of genius. Go for it!

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