The Secret to Getting Amazing Sleep

Click here to watch this week’s Coaching Conversation comes from Kara from New Jersey.

She asks, “I have had a lot of trouble sleeping at night. Do you have any tips to help me improve my sleep?”

Watch today’s Coaching Conversation to learn the 3 things you need to do consistently to improve your sleep habits today.

As a bonus, I’m also going to let you in on a little secret: You don’t necessarily need 8 hours of sleep each night. You may be among the ranks of Bill Clinton and Madonna – who are legendary 4-hour sleepers and let’s just say, “a little productive.”

In today’s video, you will also get the inside scoop on how to determine the amount of sleep that you really need versus what you were told to believe.

Tweetable: It’s not the quantity of hours we sleep, but it’s about the quality of hours we get. @CoachAdamCobb @FYCmethod #8DaysAWeek

I would love for you to share your strategy on getting good sleep in the comments below!

Kara, get ready to get some more zzz’s girl!

Cheers With Water,

Coach Adam Cobb

4 thoughts on “The Secret to Getting Amazing Sleep

    1. The simple answer is that more you sleep, the more grogginess you have, which can lead to this overwhelming feeling that makes you late for your day. When you are late for your day, you make your day run you, instead of you running your day.

      Oversleeping and grogginess has also been linked to horrible eating patterns, cute and chronic back problems, and greater depression issues than when people under sleep.

      Bottom-line: Over-sleeping is not good for you.

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