The 3 D’s to Healthy Living

The journey to healthy living — that messy process of going from a place of wanting to be healthier to really enjoying optimal health and performing at your highest level — can be summed up in 3 stages: Desire. Discipline. Delight.

You see, it all begins with Desire. You want it so badly — to do better, and to be better. You crave it. You strive for it. You know there’s more to life and more to you.

And to get there, you’ve got to be Disciplined. You have to be committed to your desire to keep doing the right thing — moving well, eating well, thinking well. Day after day, it’s up to you to make active, nourishing, positive choices until they become habit.

And if you stick to your healthy habits long enough, change starts to happen. You get to enjoy the benefits of doing the right thing, and truly Delight in the vibrant energy and good feeling that comes with healthy living.

So tell me. What stage are you at? And where do you want to be?

Cheers with water,


P.S. You’ve got to want it bad enough #8DaysaWeek to keep going when the going gets tough. Because when healthy becomes who you are, you lose all desire to turn back.

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