5 Ways I Keep My Energy Next Level While Traveling

After 30 hours of traveling from NYC to Capetown it was normal for me to get off the plane, treat people with kindness, walk the beach, appreciate the sunset, have a great meal and enjoy a good nights rest. I understand that’s not the norm for most people, it wasn’t always that way for me either. After 15 years of traveling with clients and learning what works for them and what works for me, here are 5 simple ways to elevate your energy while traveling because who has time to be tired, we’re trying to make a difference and it’s not possible when we’re tired.

1. I move my ass up and down, stretching, creating community flexibility groups, Oh you know I got groups together to stretch with me on the plane, so can you. #makenewtravelbuddies

2. When the desserts, bread & cheese came around with each meal I asked the flight attendant to keep it simple with me. If it was possible to just have 1 fish & 1 chicken meal, without all the extra stuff, that I didn’t want to waste anything, with a smile of course. Also, added some nuts & Rx bars. #eatforenergy

3. New music ? from DJ C-Money that was reflective,spoke to my soul so I could do a deep dive into my journal.Side note: if you have any questions with how to journal, what to write, where to start DM me, I got your back. #journalyourjourneyofjoy

4. Hello Hydration, drinking water every hour keeping my muscles flexible, preventing brain fog, cravings or stiffness. Water is a wonder drug, use it..and it helped me to move well with all the relief breaks. #h2theizzo

5. Purple spiky ball to roll my feet out, preventing any potential swelling & massaging my feet to increase blood flow. Let a few people borrow it, better believe they are now besties for life. #communityiskey

Bonus: Two supplements I never leave home without

1. 8Days Healthy Heart – Fish Oil – keeps my brain health firing. Buy 8Days Healthy Heart now!

2. 8Days Healthy Gut – Probiotic – boosts immune system.
These are simple yet effective ways to help you travel and keep your energy high to continue to be the high performer you are meant to be #8DaysAWeek
Cheers with water,

3 thoughts on “5 Ways I Keep My Energy Next Level While Traveling

  1. My Brother that’s great advice and can really visualize getting fellow passengers to stretch with me lol.
    And the healthy advice with the chicken and fish meal leave the condiments behind.

  2. Hey Adam, thanks for the tips. I’m currently traveling through South America right now and have had trouble getting my workouts and as well as maintaining a healthy diet. I’ll try to implement these to see if they help me out!

  3. Enjoyed this post mate – can just see you on the plane leading a skyhigh stretch sesh 🙂

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