Why You Should Replace Your To-Do List With A Delight List

Welcome to the 2020 launch of the 8 Days A Week podcast! Today, Adam is chatting with Lindsay, who is not only a nurse practitioner, but also a dear friend. Their friendship was born out of a shared workout at the Duke football field. Tune in to the episode to hear how Lindsay masters her movement.

Movement Creates…

  • “…control of everything else in my life. Movement is the driving factor for me; if that doesn’t happen, nothing else does to the ability I believe I am capable of.”
  • Four words Lindsay sees as connected: movement, diet, sleep, thoughts. If one thing is off on any given day, everything else is derailed. The goal: achieving grace and control.

Practical Tools

  • Lindsay is passionate about keeping herself accountable, particularly through making lists and taping them around her home.
  • “If I need more motivation and reminders of the things that center and ground me, then there’s stuff taped all over the place.”
  • Think “what fills my tank?” and own it so that you can be the best you.

Grace + Control; Joy + Delight

  • “If I’m taking care of myself… I have grace in the way I respond to things that may be out of my control.”
  • Lindsay started to write ‘delight’ lists. The requirements: it has to stop you in your moment and bring you joy. She shares her current ‘delight’ list on the episode.

Moving Through Health Challenges

  • Lindsay opens up about her experience healing physically and emotionally from cervical cancer and acknowledges the importance of staying on top of your health.
  • “Pay attention to your spirit, your emotions, and your physical health. Don’t think that you can heal completely if you don’t address all of them.”

Does Lindsay have you thinking about your own delight list? Share with us what’s on your list over on Instagram at @8daysaweekpodcast.

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