What Made You Smile Today?

The following episode was originally released in March of 2019, but we are re-releasing it now because it flows nicely from last week’s conversation around parent/child relationships. If you missed that episode, you can listen here! Our hope is that this conversation will encourage you to notice all the things that made you smile today. We hope you enjoy listening to this conversation as well as the roar of a pre-quarantine New York City in the background.

Kishan Alexander – World Class Dad, Next Level Husband, Incredible Human Being, Successful Business Man who lives #8DaysAWeek.

Special episode filmed in NYC walking from Wall street to Soho with Kishan— we keep this real and raw. I wanted to take you to the greatest city on earth so you could hear the sounds of the city, feel the energy of the apple and go for a walk with us. In this short Episode under 12 minutes you’ll hear about… what the word sacrifice means to someone who moved from a third world country, what question to ask yourself when choosing family or career first, how to live with no regret, and the official coining of the phrase… “8DaysAWeeker.” Pay close attention to how Kishan defines being a great dad. No matter if you are a man, woman, future or present dad, you’ll want to hear this. I truly believe that if we did with our loved ones the one thing Kishan does with his daughters, this world would shift from “I’m not enough” to “I am more than enough”

What 8DaysAWeek means to Kishan

Kishan plays the fill in the blank game (and gives next level answers) Ki, as his friends call him, is a great cook, he gives the audience his go to chicken recipe. The same recipe we ate during every weekly gathering of watching the tv show 24 when we both lived on River Road in NJ. 

Kishan asks his question to you..

Why do you wake up? 

I want to thank Kishan for being a great guest, sharing authentically, giving insights into his personal family life and being a brother for life. Thank you fam, I’m certain that you are going to encourage someone today who listens with an open ear and heart, their life will be changed because of the way you lead your life.

Last but certainly not least, I’d like to Thank You the listener. This show wouldn’t be possible without you and your support. Look forward to hearing what speaks to you in this episode.

Cheers with water,

Coach Adam Cobb

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