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Science Says: Eat Pizza to Get Fit!


Whether you are from New York or not, I’m sure you’re on the same page as Matt from the BK, when he asks, “How many times can you eat pizza in a week?”

The answer is simple: EAT PIZZA ONCE A WEEK AND GET FIT.  

Do it. I’m giving you permission!

Check out this week’s video – it’s the blog y’all been waiting for. You deserve to be TREATED for living a healthy life and making good decisions. 

You don’t want to get down on yourself for CHEATING. This week I explain the difference between a treat meal, and a cheat meal.

WORD OF THE WEEK (WOW): “Living Healthy is Not a Short Term Mindset; It’s a Long-Term Lifestyle.” @CoachAdamCobb   #FYCmethod   #TreatNotCheat #WOW

I want you to shift your mentality: You work hard all week, not to cheat yourself, but to treat yourself. Leave guilt out of it. 

Finally feel good to enjoy your craving. I’m not only giving you permission, I’m challenging you to plan your treat meal for this week and indulge. (But make sure you watch the video first or you might miss how your treat can help your health goals!)

What will you choose for your treat meal this week? Leave your choice in the comments below! Next week, I’ll share with you my treat meals and 1 major takeaway that will change the game completely for you!

Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things.

Have the best week ever and remember, you must do the unpopular to accomplish the unforgettable.  

Cheers with Water,

Coach Adam Cobb