Guest Post: Adam’s Day Of Rest

As a sometime adviser to Adam I know that he enjoys watching a game of football on a Sunday afternoon. And I know he see’s Sunday as a day of rest and regeneration as well it should be. But I also have it on good authority that he makes time for action too. He truly embraces the concept of “Sunday, Fun Day!”

I thought it appropriate, in light of the topic of Adam’s 60 Day Challenge Day 14 post, to share this small peek into Adam’s at play activity. I hope everyone will get as big a smile at it as I did.

And let me also say that I fully endorse Adam’s 60 Day Challenge and encourage everyone who reads this to plug in and give it a try. It’s free, so cost can’t be a hold back. It’s good for you but there’s no medicine to swallow — well, okay, there are a few delicious food ideas but even those are optional. You can even work up to the exercise. If an old guy like me can gain momentum, energy, and enthusiasm, think what you can get from this program. Go for it!

Oh, and CLICK HERE for that sneak peek…

Rev. Stephen B. Henry, PhD.
Executive Director, Online Selling Association

[Rev. Stephen B. Henry, PhD., the Rev to Adam, and the Wiz to many on the web, works entirely online creating, managing, and promoting websites — his own and his clients — as well as writing guest blogs from time to time. His personal website is Wizard’s Place.]


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