The 60 Day Challenge (Day 1)

“Our body is a machine for living.” – Leo Tolstoy

When I read the quote above, I am truly inspired to live the healthiest life possible. It’s not about how many years we live but how many healthy years we enjoy. 

Adam's 60 Day Challenge - Find Your CenterOver the last 10 years people have shared with me that I inspire them through my limitless energy, positive outlook and ability to practice what I preach about living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Over the next 60 days leading up to the new year and new you, I challenge you and I challenge myself to achieve optimal health. My clients, family, and friends, know my philosophy on waiting till new years or the all too popular, “I’ll wait till Monday.”

Our time is now, losers wait till Monday or the New Year, winners take “wait” out of their vocabulary along with its sexy cousin “try” and replace them with “act” and “do”.

In reality, “it” may never come because you are waiting for the perfect time, the time when your life is more balanced. Balance is achieved with a solid foundation built on mind, body, and spirit. Be bold and build your balance today. 

The 60 Day Challenge is officially on. Join me, and the FYCNYC movement, in raising your personal bar. The holidays are coming. Enjoy all they have to offer, the quality family time, the traditions, the food, but this year make a difference within your immediate community, your family. Choose this season to instill a healthier lifestyle by sharing nutrition tips, healthy recipes, a new exercise, mindfulness moments, sharing is caring.

Gandhi says, “be the change you wish to see in the world”.

Change is good but progress is better, remember change takes no talent, ie. time changes, therefore change doesn’t always mean progress. Record your monthly, weekly, or even daily, progress as I guide you and interact with you on this exciting journey.

When people find out that I am a minister of health, the first question is, “What do I eat?” The second is, “How many days do I workout?” Over the next 60 days I’m going to answer those questions and many more. My mission is to teach you to win every day of your life. Everything from my breakfast, what I did that day for exercise, favorite supplement, daily tips, insights from leaders and mentors in the field of wellness, what is the best organic restaurant in new york city, what snacks will increase your metabolism and delay aging, FYC videos, video recommendations and the most important thing, an accountability coach.
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Your friend in health, 
Adam aka Guru
(60 Day Challenge – Day 1)


2 thoughts on “The 60 Day Challenge (Day 1)

  1. Yo adam.. Great stuff man. At first I wasnt really interested but after reading what u wrote it actually inspired me .. Im really interested now and im willing to try the 60 day challenge.. Im ready. Junior from garage

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