The End – Or Just The Beginning? (Day 60)

It’s day 60 and, as the year is almost at an end, so the 60 day challenge is coming to a close as well. For those of you who have been with me since the beginning it’s been 60 days of ideas, motivation, self-exploration, healthy recipes, and a little fun. For those of you who jumped in along the way you’ve had access to all 60 posts, just not as much time.

Day Sixty - Find Your CenterFor all of us it’s been 60 days in which we could choose to do things pretty much as we’ve been doing or to take up the challenge and make changes in our lives — some small changes and some bigger ones. It’s been up to each of us to choose how much we want to change, and how much we are willing to change.

The last part of the challenge is to go back over the 60 posts that make up the 60 day challenge and take your own measure of what you did, what you applied, and what you achieved. If you aren’t satisfied with the results take a careful look at what you actually did to move yourself forward over the 60 days and consider what adjustments you will need to make over the coming weeks.

Set a plan for yourself. Write it down. Give yourself enough time to make it happen but set the conclusion close enough to have a sense of urgency. Then, take tomorrow off and enjoy the celebration of the end of this year and the coming of the new year.

But you’re not off the hook. Start right in on your new plan on January 1 and make 2011 a point of change in your life and the way you live it. Use these 60 posts, or at least some of them, to pick up the pieces you missed, to fix the things that didn’t quite change, and to guide you on a better path.

And, on January 1, come back to this site and see what’s new for the coming year. There’s much more to come!

Your friend in health,
Adam aka Guru

(60 Day Challenge – Day 60)

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