If you love what you do TGIM is possible. Along my journey there has been some laws that I live by, choose one, two, or incorporate all eight and dare to be great.

1. Law of Belief – whatever you believe with feeling, becomes your reality, whether fact or fiction.

2. Law of Expectation – whatever you expect with confidence becomes your self-fulfilling prophecy.

3. Law of Attraction – you are a living magnet: you attract the people + circumstances into your life that are consistent with your dominant thoughts.

4. Law of Concentration – whatever you dwell upon in the conscience mind grows in your life.

5. Law of Substitution – your mind is like a garden, if you don’t constantly plant flowers, weeds will grow , the conscious mind can only hold one thought at a time.

6. Law of Practice/Repetition – positive people do not have to remind themselves to be positive; it’s a habit. Learn something and make it a habit with practice.

7. Law of Relaxation – don’t force it; in all mental workings effort defeats itself. Relax + confidently believe + expect that good things will happen and they will.

8. Law of Subconscious activity – whatever the conscious mind believes and accepts, the subconscious mind immediately goes to work to bring it into our physical reality.

I personally have been putting more attention toward Law 6, consistent action, creating healthy habits and it’s been a blessing.

Your friend in health,
Adam aka Guru

(60 Day Challenge – Day 15)


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