Coconut Water

You don’t have to be an athlete or sports enthusiast to enjoy the benefits of Nature’s amazing electrolyte drink: coconut water. Coconut water is the liquid that naturally develops inside of a coconut. It hydrates the body, replenishes electrolytes and is a source of vital nutrients.

Adam's Coconut Milk At Tropical Retreat - FYCNYCWell hydrated individuals including athletes function and perform better. Anyone can become dehydrated if they are not taking in enough fluids to replace what is lost. People who experience even mild dehydration may have symptoms of weakness, cramping, headaches, extreme fatigue, and back pain.

Coconut water is an excellent drink for hydration and is a natural replacement for commercial sports drinks.

Nature’s Sports Drink:

Coconut water from a fresh young white coconut is a sterile fluid filled with vital nutrients, especially electrolytes. Coconut water is 100% natural with no preservatives, additives, chemicals, artificial colors or flavors. Athletes and active individuals are encouraged to try this healthy alternative during exercise, pre?, and post? events to replenish their fluids and electrolytes to avoid dehydration.

Refreshing coconut drinks & shakes:

• Drink straight from the young white coconut and then scoop the meat out with a spoon. This is a great light refreshing way to replenish electrolytes after a workout or sporting event.

• Add juice of 1?2 lime to full glass of young white coconut water.

• Blend water and meat of one young white coconut – this is a basic smoothie that is simple. This can also be used to replace milk, yogurt or soy milk used as a base for your favorite workout shake.

• Love chocolate milk? Try this… blend water and meat of one young white coconut with a tablespoon of raw cacao powder (or a teaspoon of carob powder).

• Blend water and meat of one young white coconut and 2 cups pineapple. Another option is to add a banana.

• Blend water and meat of one young white coconut and serving of a chocolate protein powder (for example, Find Your Whey – Chocolate or Vanilla).

Throughout the 60 Day Challenge incorporate these 3 tips:

1. Drink 1?2 body weight in ounces, daily. For example, 100 ounces for a 200 lb person.

2. Avoid caffeinated beverages – teas and soda.

3. Consume foods high in water such as fruits and vegetables.

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Your friend in health,
Coach Adam Cobb


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