The Blue Button


As this beautiful day unfolds, I wanted to share one of my writings with you. This was written on the beach as the sun rose while in a state of thankfulness and exploration. Writing has become one of my favorite hobbies and, while it started in 10th grade when I was forced to keep a journal and “just write”,  now its part of my life.

The Blue Button - Find Your Centerrose to a glimpse of light
spirit drew closer to the sound of flowing ocean
being grew closer to Gods gift the sunrise
we watch multimillion dollar firework displays
drink enough alcohol so our mind fades away
but in truth what we all seek is alive in the sunrise
it is His way to start the day
nature knows it to be true
birds to not hesitate
they do not hit the snooze button
they hit the blue button
the blue button a limitless ocean and sky
do they ask why
why is the drive so i like to think
what if the blue button was the only kool-aid you needed to drink
without tv no ipods
just your mind body and spirit against all odds
a movie that shined the beauty of tulume
when the airport comes will it be its doom
who really knows about then
just going to hit the blue button and zen
– adam b cobb

Not only do I share a piece of my writing today but I share how important it is to get your thoughts out, have a hobby, create the “you” time which is usually lacking in most of our lives. I hope you enjoy this short poem and who knows, maybe you will pick up a pen and a pad and get your story out.

Your friend in health,
Coach Adam Cobb

2 thoughts on “The Blue Button

  1. That’s a nice piece of writin there fello fightin owl. I alwayz appreciate the beauty of a poem. Painted tha picture of our blue Earth well.

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