Adam’s Dozen

Here are nearly a dozen and a half easy, basic, points to simplify your life. And we all know what a complex thing life seems to be these days. Think about each one — there’s really know hidden meaning here, thought the true meaning might elude you for a while — and think about how it can fit into your life. Find the point of change it represents. Consider the purpose and what you can do to add it to your life as a component of change.

Pillows In Your Life - Find Your Center1. Embrace your insignificance
2. Let go
3. Do nothing alone
4. Do nothing with your family
5. Follow the money trail
6. Keep an old quilt in the car trunk
7. Buy no colored socks
8. Eat the feast in your frige
9. Practice gratitude
10. Grow things
11. Express beauty
12. Pretend you have just three friends
13. Spoil your partner
14. Paint one room
15. Make pillows

Do/add/embrace each of these things and you’ll discover the coffee never smelled so good!

Your friend in health,
Adam aka Guru

(60 Day Challenge – Day 56)

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