3 Simple Steps That Can Change Your Life Right Now


Move well… Eat well… Think well… to Find Your Center and create a healthy and happy life. This concept is not new, nor profound; however, getting people to actually do it has always been the challenge. This is the challenge I embrace daily.

I look at it like this. It’s me against the super villain i.e., Golden Arches meets a coach potato, meets a society of instant gratification. My calling is to fight the super villain by making fitness fun, bringing humor to health, and creating a new cool and sexy to wellness.

My name is Adam Cobb, most people call me “COACH,” and over the last 10 years I’ve had the honor to work with thousands of clients worldwide and partner with them to unlock their human potential, live with boundless energy, enhance their optimal health and overall–live a much more purposeful life.

As I built my coaching practice over the last several years, I knew I wanted to design a method to get people not only to understand how to become healthy and happy—but one that was simple and attainable. Using my background in sports performance, functional medicine, integrative nutrition and neuro-linguistic programming I designed the FYCmethod.

The FYCmethod is: Move Well. Eat Well. Think Well. It’s not a formula; it’s not a diet; it’s not a workout plan; it’s not a religion—it’s a lifestyle. That’s the difference and that’s why it works. It’s that straight forward. It’s not that easy, but it’s that simple.

I am incredibly excited for the launch of this website and for me and my team to be able to provide you with information, programs and tools to get living the life you have always wanted to lead.

Let’s enjoy the journey together starting now!

Cheers with water,



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