Raising The Bar

We either grow or we die, there is no momentum in maintenance. Think about the last time someone asked you, “What is your goal?” This could be in anything, professional or personal. If you gave the answer, “I’m just maintaining,” how long did it last? Did you challenge yourself enough? Are you happy? Was it fun?

Raising The Bar - Find Your CenterFun is created sometimes through failure because we raised are bar so high. We didn’t reach the goal but we had enough resiliency to “pull our boot straps up and be a man“, (thanks pops) to follow through and, eventually, reach the goal. How blissful does that feel?

Tip: make sure you celebrate reaching your goal and get focused to set another goal. Don’t let yesterday’s breakthrough become today’s ego trip!

To grow in consciousness, we expand our perspectives on life. So how do we do that? The more we work with the universal — the concept of unity and wholeness — the more everything makes sense. Parts have meaning when they are understood to be parts of a bigger picture. Keep your overall vision in sight!

Consciousness is all about relationships, especially how the lower relates to the higher and how the darkness can exist within the light.

During this holiday season, take the time to realize how your relationships are going, with family, spouse, and self. Take a deep breath and honor yourself for all you are and for that which you are becoming.

Higher consciousness, enlightenment, comes from meaningful experiences and lessons passed with the understanding that there truly is only one law – the Law of Love. When one leads a life expressing this belief, the mind and heart begin to open to new realities, and other dimensional truths become known. -Dr. Norma Milanovich & Dr. Shirley McCune

Your friend in health,
Adam aka Guru


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