Exercise or a Love Affair? You Choose.

Remember as a child we never thought twice about moving. It was always part of our daily routines in some capacity or another: be it playing freeze tag with your cousins, taking PE class at school, swimming at the local pool with friends, and/or playing a game of hopscotch on the sidewalk A lot of these activities were not done specifically to “exercise,” it was rather to have something fun to do.

Movement was equivalent with fun. Somewhere down the line life got busy, activities lessened, and movement took a back seat to everything else that was prioritized.

Your health dose today should give you an understanding why to “Move Well” is a core focus in the FYCmethod and why it should be important to you—not only today, but for how you live your life in the future.

Click on the video above to find out how you can start to fall in love with movement again.

Cheers With Water,

Coach Adam Cobb


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One thought on “Exercise or a Love Affair? You Choose.

  1. I love moving, even in a basement! Dancing, hiking, giving and recieving massages, it’s all good. I loved dancing as a kid and I still do. Fun is the key! I like to move it move it 😉

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