How do I lose belly fat “fast”?

In today’s Tuesday Talk, I am excited to answer Sarah from New York City’s question on “How do I lose belly fat “fast”?”

You would think this is the most common question I get from women, but I actually get this a lot more from men. It is a great question to ask because losing belly fat isn’t just about looking good; it is about living a long, healthy life.

Losing belly fat FAST is not the best or most sustainable answer to being healthy (or looking good). I have shared with you 8 simple tips to NOT set you up for failure, but to lose that belly fat for good.

1) Set a healthy target weight.

2) Eat GOOD fats to lose that BAD fat – in moderation!

3) Upgrade your mornings.

4) Eat more protein.

5) Incorporate movement daily.

6) Drink water BEFORE your meals.

7) Do not skip meals!

8) Inspire yourself daily.

Check out today’s Tuesday Talk video above to dive in to the details of these tips and get to work on your healthiest self.

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Please share with me your victories and struggles with these tips on how to lose belly fat. Which one is hardest to stick to? Which one made the difference for you? Everything you share below in the comments helps someone else who is on the journey to be better.

Cheers With Water,

Coach Adam Cobb

4 thoughts on “How do I lose belly fat “fast”?

  1. Hi Adam! Again, wicked and inspiring video 🙂 Thanks for sharing your wisdom + passion! It seeps through every single word.

    I have a question about healthy fats // How much is too much regarding nuts/avocados/coconuts for a day? I’m moderately active (ballet, pilates, boxing-jump rope once/twice a week) and am looking to lose some weight I gained due to Hypothyroidism and Lymes Disease… I can’t seem to control my nut/seed portions so therefore try to stay away.

    I’m Vegan – would you say concentrate more on complex/healthy carbs?

    Thanks so much!

    Oh also, what is your take on eating past 8-9pm?


    1. I love healthy fats—but portions are key. Here are a couple ideas/tips for you to keep eating good fats, but put asides proper amounts of each serving:
      • Get some mini zip lock snack bags and in your snacks (esp nuts)—normally they are perfect for 100 calorie snacks
      • Avocados – 1 serving size is 1/8 a medium size avocado-
      • Coconuts – careful with the coconuts. They taste amazing, but are highest in fat.

      I would suggest not eating 2 hours before bedtime, and the snack after dinner should be small with no sugar added. Would stay away from fruit at this time. Think a shake with water, celery with hummus, hand full of nuts.

  2. Sweetness and awesomeness … and thanks we mature men need this advice badly and here it is!

  3. I have been having success in this area. If I’d only known in college what I know now, my muscles would look like they were chiseled in. Anyway, here’s my program. I’ve cut carbs to a per diem intake of whatever carbs are in a banana, an apple, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, and 2.5 cups of unsweetened almond milk – yes, every day. And that’s for 2 months now. Other than that, 3 eggs in the morning for breakfast; lunch and dinner are lean proteins (chicken, fish, lean beef) and an assortment of undressed, steamed, or raw vegetables (dark greens, tomatoes, carrots, and squashes). A good way to get vegetables in is steam them then blend them into a soup consistency with a teaspoon of chicken bouillon and a clove of garlic – mix up the selection to find new flavors you like. If you don’t like what you’ve made you can let it cool then chug it so you don’t have to taste it for long. Total caloric intake is just 100-150 calories below may basal metabolic rate for being 5′ 10″ & 155 lbs. and working out 6 times a week; I call it my slow burn. 30 minutes per day, with one 1-hour workout. Supplements are vitamin D (especially for winters on the East Coast), vitamin B, fish oil for omega 3’s and joint health, glucosamine (I recommend liquid versions only), and flax oil for muscle recovery. Daily: 3 meals (6:30 am, 12 pm, 5:30 pm), 2 snacks (10 am, 3 pm). If you get really hungry and need a snack, I would recommend celery stalks with the leaves, which can taste like an antiseptic and rob you of those cravings, or if you want to be less ascetic, a flavored sea weed that is low in sodium.

    I wish you all well on your campaigns.


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