Eat Fat to Lose Fat


From the Fall of 2006 to the Summer of 2010, I worked will a client that wanted to lose weight but never could.

It seemed no matter what we did, she would stay the same weight with the same figure.

In the summer of 2010, we had a heart to heart talk and she confessed to me that she hadn’t quite followed the nutrition plan we had put together.

She told me that she didn’t trust the fact that eating high quality good fat foods would help her lose weight.

I could totally understand why she felt that way, when I kept telling her that you have to eat fat to lose fat. Really! Did that even make sense?

However, what I explained to her was that all fats are not created equal, and although I understood her reluctance, I explained why what I was suggesting actually works and asked her to just try.

Once she shifted her mindset and started eating high fat quality foods (obviously, in moderation), she dropped to her goal weight in 4 months verse the 4 years that she struggled.

In this week’s coaching conversation, I break down why healthy fats promote weight loss and provide you some quick homework to help you understand your body better.

WOW (Word of the Week: “Eat Good Fat to Lose Bad Fat.” @CoachAdamCobb @FYCmethod

Now that you know that all fats are not created equal, In the comment’s section of the blog, be sure to share the 1-2 types of good fats you will be adding to your diet.

Cheers with Water,

Coach Adam Cobb

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