Eat Fat for Energy and Get Fit

Eat Fat; Get Energy

“Fat-free” was a fad. 

Now it’s a new day and the truth comes out “Eat Good Fat to Get Fit.”

Possibly the best news you have heard all day and, yes, I’m serious!

On this week’s Coaching Conversation, I break down 3 myths about fat that drive me crazy when I hear them. 

Also, I offer you 20+ examples of good fats that I want you to start eating to create the energy you want and crave.

I’m not sure if you are like me when it comes to nutrition,  but I can’t get enough of the education of food. This week, I literally geek out on the science of fat and dive deep into the subject. #haha

After watching the video, in the comments section below, please do share how you will incorporating more good fats into your diet. Inquiring minds (AKA: the FYCcommunity) want to know)!

Cheers with Water,


PS: I wanted to leave you with this. When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, its ONLY about 2 things: Commitment to living healthy = Desire and Action 

3 thoughts on “Eat Fat for Energy and Get Fit

  1. Been adding a lot over this past 13 days coconut oil to just about everything. Also cut dairy butter completely for it or avocado (just need to watch that portion size. Is there a total combined fats amount for the day or is it just as simple as watching your portion in each meal? Eg. Having avo in all meals for a day. Thanks for your inspiration.

    1. Hey Greg: You can check out this website for more details. I see it says 1/5 a serving per medium avocado on this site…I was referring to a large avo…with the 1/8 recommendations. The amount you eat a day is going to be dependent on what else you are eating throughout the day. Check this site out for the breakdown of nutrients / fats. etc. Great question!! So thankful for your continued support with living healthy! Keep it going!

  2. Hi Adam! LOVE these videos. I honestly don’t know how much is too much like Greg below. I weigh around 138 pounds and am 5’8.5 – close to 5’9. I want to lean out, as I model and build muscle easily!!! I also gained weight due to my thyroid but all is healed now. . . but am trying to drop the lbs in the HEALTHIEST way possible! In any case, how much is too much.?? On average I eat around 1/2 an avocado a day, handful seeds (usually pumpkin or sunflower), about 1-2TBSP tahini in salads, and about a tsp of flax and chia in my smoothies in the morning! This is a rough estimate. I have a feeling this is TOO much 🙂 I also got into a coconut meat addiction for a 2 months or so! I have recently cut it out, because I felt it was VERY high in calories. I eat HEAPS of greens, beets, sweet potatoes, quinoa, millet (I’m vegan), have a green juice everyday and do ballet, pilates and reformer. Sorry for the long message! Would LOVE your insight / wisdom. I don’t want to stress about it as I know the weight will only go up with raised cortisol levels 🙂 Thanks for your passion and knowledge!

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