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You Must Make The Time To Meditate

There is an old Zen saying: You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.

There will never be the perfect time to meditate – you must make the time. It could be as soon as you start the day, after your morning workout, midday or before you go to bed. While in Paris, I find myself sitting in awe at the beauty and inspiration all around me. It certainly makes it easier – but it still comes down to making the time to sit in silence and knowing the value in it.

I hope you enjoy my next meditation audio below. It’s a 2 minute meditation that will be good for your body, mind and soul.

Sit back in silence and enjoy.

A 1-Step Plan to Fight Fatigue

Deep down, we all crave more time to live our lives to the fullest — to seize each moment and make the most of each day. But what if I told you what we really need is to infuse more quality into our time?

To squeeze the zest out of every minute of this gift called life, we need vitality and stamina. We want to do good work. We want to perform at our peak. And we can’t do that if we’re dragging through the day.

If we let it, fatigue will creep into our lives, weigh us down, slow us up, and rob us of priceless seconds, hours, and years that we can’t afford to waste. So how do you stay energized and enthusiastic? How do you avoid getting overwhelmed, overworked, and worn out?

It might not be what you think. Fatigue comes from deep within. So to get it out of your life, I’m going to ask you to get quiet and listen closely.

This week’s Coaching Conversation addresses one unexpected way you can fight off fatigue to live your life full on #8DaysAWeek

Cheers with water,

P.S. Fatigue is a sneaky thief that will run off with your most treasured resource if you let it. Stop it in its tracks.