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Why You Should Replace Your To-Do List With A Delight List

Welcome to the 2020 launch of the 8 Days A Week podcast! Today, Adam is chatting with Lindsay, who is not only a nurse practitioner, but also a dear friend. Their friendship was born out of a shared workout at the Duke football field. Tune in to the episode to hear how Lindsay masters her movement.

Movement Creates…

  • “…control of everything else in my life. Movement is the driving factor for me; if that doesn’t happen, nothing else does to the ability I believe I am capable of.”
  • Four words Lindsay sees as connected: movement, diet, sleep, thoughts. If one thing is off on any given day, everything else is derailed. The goal: achieving grace and control.

Practical Tools

  • Lindsay is passionate about keeping herself accountable, particularly through making lists and taping them around her home.
  • “If I need more motivation and reminders of the things that center and ground me, then there’s stuff taped all over the place.”
  • Think “what fills my tank?” and own it so that you can be the best you.

Grace + Control; Joy + Delight

  • “If I’m taking care of myself… I have grace in the way I respond to things that may be out of my control.”
  • Lindsay started to write ‘delight’ lists. The requirements: it has to stop you in your moment and bring you joy. She shares her current ‘delight’ list on the episode.

Moving Through Health Challenges

  • Lindsay opens up about her experience healing physically and emotionally from cervical cancer and acknowledges the importance of staying on top of your health.
  • “Pay attention to your spirit, your emotions, and your physical health. Don’t think that you can heal completely if you don’t address all of them.”

Does Lindsay have you thinking about your own delight list? Share with us what’s on your list over on Instagram at @8daysaweekpodcast.

How to Master Selflessness

I was sincerely impressed with an exemplary story about selflessness told by Coach K (Mike Krzyzewski) in a recent interview about the 2012 U.S. Olympic Basketball team. For those of you who might not be familiar with Coach K, he is the prominent Duke University basketball coach and the USA Olympic Basketball coach who helped lead the U.S. to 10 gold medals, two silver medals and two bronze medals. Continue reading

3 Tips to stay motivated when you have a habit of giving up

When you want to take your health and fitness to the next level, getting motivated is easy. Read an inspirational quote on Facebook. Get a pep talk from your trainer. Listen to upbeat music on your iPod. You’re all pumped up, ready to take on the world. ‘I’ve got this,’ you tell yourself. You’re going to kick those bad habits. Kickstart some good habits. It’s on!

But you and I both know the way the story starts is not necessarily how it ends. Even with the best intentions, we’re back to square one in no time, trying to get ourselves going again. So how do we not only get motivated, but stay motivated when it comes to our health? How do we keep going when life gets in the way, when we get bored, or when the inspiration fades?

Here are my top 3 tips to keep yourself motivated #8DaysAWeek

This week’s Coaching Conversation is all about how to keep yourself motivated. As Zig Ziglar says, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

Cheers with water,

Adam< P.S. You don’t always have to be enthusiastic, but you do always have to stay motivated. You might have to drag yourself over the finish line sometimes, and that’s ok.

[Insider Tip] The most successful people eat like this

When you’re at the top of your game — or you’re trying to get there — you’re always on the go. And when you’re on the go, sometimes you give up control. You let the day take you and use being busy as an excuse to skip even the most fundamental basic self care.

I talk to people all the time who go hours on end without eating. Either you don’t make time for it, or you’re skipping meals under the guise of making “healthy” choices when the only options around you are junk. Whatever the reason, you’re not getting fuel in your body, and that’s a problem.

How do you expect your body to keep going and your wheels to keep spinning? You can’t perform at your best when you’re running on fumes. You may think you’re saving time, but what you’re actually doing is breaking down. Top performers plan ahead.

This week’s Coaching Conversation covers how you can take control of planning your food intake to fuel your best work. If you want to keep going strong, you’ve got to keep your fire stoked #8DaysAWeek.

Cheers with water,

P.S. Your body needs fuel. It isn’t optional. Stop fooling yourself – you can’t do your best work or stay energetic and alert without it.

A 1-Step Plan to Fight Fatigue

Deep down, we all crave more time to live our lives to the fullest — to seize each moment and make the most of each day. But what if I told you what we really need is to infuse more quality into our time?

To squeeze the zest out of every minute of this gift called life, we need vitality and stamina. We want to do good work. We want to perform at our peak. And we can’t do that if we’re dragging through the day.

If we let it, fatigue will creep into our lives, weigh us down, slow us up, and rob us of priceless seconds, hours, and years that we can’t afford to waste. So how do you stay energized and enthusiastic? How do you avoid getting overwhelmed, overworked, and worn out?

It might not be what you think. Fatigue comes from deep within. So to get it out of your life, I’m going to ask you to get quiet and listen closely.

This week’s Coaching Conversation addresses one unexpected way you can fight off fatigue to live your life full on #8DaysAWeek

Cheers with water,

P.S. Fatigue is a sneaky thief that will run off with your most treasured resource if you let it. Stop it in its tracks.

How to Master Your Metabolism

It’s true — your metabolism is made up of a complex system that can be difficult to understand, but what’s also true is that mastering your metabolism is far simpler than you might think.

It comes down to one thing. One minute. One set of simple movements that will spark your metabolism as soon as you jump out of bed to greet the day.

It’s about setting your pace from the outset in the morning and getting your body moving, so you can keep your fire burning. Without motion, you’re not creating any energy and your metabolism will stay slow and sluggish, which is exactly what you don’t want.

So, you see, it’s simple — your metabolism depends on your momentum, and it’s up to you to get it started. Here’s exactly what you can do this weekend to master your metabolism.

This week’s Coaching Conversation addresses the steps you can take to simplify something most people overcomplicate. Now you know how to use this weekend to get ahead!

Cheers with water,


P.S. You are in control. You set the pace. You create your own energy. #8DaysAWeek