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How to Master Your Metabolism

It’s true — your metabolism is made up of a complex system that can be difficult to understand, but what’s also true is that mastering your metabolism is far simpler than you might think.

It comes down to one thing. One minute. One set of simple movements that will spark your metabolism as soon as you jump out of bed to greet the day.

It’s about setting your pace from the outset in the morning and getting your body moving, so you can keep your fire burning. Without motion, you’re not creating any energy and your metabolism will stay slow and sluggish, which is exactly what you don’t want.

So, you see, it’s simple — your metabolism depends on your momentum, and it’s up to you to get it started. Here’s exactly what you can do this weekend to master your metabolism.

This week’s Coaching Conversation addresses the steps you can take to simplify something most people overcomplicate. Now you know how to use this weekend to get ahead!

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P.S. You are in control. You set the pace. You create your own energy. #8DaysAWeek

#1 Way to Raise Your Metabolism Tomorrow Morning


How many of you think you eat well (most of time)?  You could be following the regimen of eating six times throughout a day, a low-carb diet, a gluten-free diet, or you’re vegetarian or vegan. Some of you may be thinking, that none of those apply to me—and I just eat what I eat when I am in the mood for it at the time. And, that’s okay too (for now).

I think we can all attest that the concept of eating well is not new, but has been defined in so many different ways that for a regular person it can lead to confusion and even sometimes mistrust of what is true and what is not.

Although we will get into many conversations on different approaches to nourishing your body, the one theme will always stay true—food is thy medicine.

This concept will never be disproven—as it is the holy grail of nutrition. I know everyone has heard that you are what you eat; however, what I would like to add is it’s not always just about the food. There are many other questions that people forgot to ask in between that can increase your metabolism, energy and hydration at the least.

Did I mention I am a big time foodie! I honestly LOVE to eat! This is why as a coach and nutritional consultant this topic is so important to me—not only to educate people of the good, bad and ugly about nutrition, but also help those of you who need a bit more encouragement to understand that you can still eat well and eat incredible food

Watch this week’s FYCblog to learn a vital tip on how to increase your metabolism first thing tomorrow morning.  

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Coach Adam Cobb

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