The Power of Belief

Whether spiritual or intellectual, the power of belief, more simply referred to as faith, is without a doubt the most powerful and creative force in the universe which we can harness for personal strength and achievement.

1) There’s always a way to turn things around if I’m committed.

Believing something can be done, and committing to the action to get it done, provides individual power, consciously and intentionally, dramatically enhancing the kind and quality of your life, emotionally, physically, financially, relationally, and spiritually.

2) There are no failures in life. As long as I learn anything from something, then I’ve succeeded.

Belief is strengthened by knowledge. What you learn through your associations and direct efforts provides for the fine-tuning and, therefore, the better application, of your beliefs.

3) God’s delays are not God’s denials. (no matter who or what you belief in)

How quickly we can blame someone else — our friend, our co-worker, our boss, our employee, our spouse, even our cat — when things don’t flow as we desire. Even when we ask God for assistance we can quickly blame him for in-action when things don’t happen on our schedule. In times like these we need to strengthen our beliefs, not cast them away.

4) The past does not equal the future-unless you live there.

Focus on what has already happened, or what failed to occur, takes our eye of the ball and causes us to lose track of our plans for the future. Build upon your successes of the past but don’t linger on them. Look steadily forward in order to move steadily forward.

5) In any moment, I can change my entire life by making a new decision.

Along with belief comes choice. Making the decision to move ahead requires choosing (the choice) to do so. It is choice that puts one’s belief into action. Make a new decision today. Let your beliefs carry you forward.

Your friend in health,

Coach Adam Cobb

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