Staying On Track


When I think of how I keep myself on track, its with flexible planning and these 3 steps.


1. On Sunday my workouts for the week are outlined. It motivates me and keeps me on track. Like leaving your clothes out the night before for work, get clear and be successful.

2. Highly recommended to all my clients and definitely the way I start everyday, 6-10 oz of water mixed with Pure Greens, equal to 5-6 servings of green vegetables. It provides me the phytonutrients I need for the day to sustain a high level of energy, keep the skin smooth-age delay, and keeps one regular (2-3 x daily).

3. Twenty minutes the treasure: take minimum 20 minutes daily to give yourself some silence. I personally shut my cell phone off and find a place of peace. For me its either my office, central park,  my balcony and I will meditate, just practice conscious breathing, write down my thoughts about the silence, ie how the silence sounds, feels, looks like, smells, tastes. Find a place and make the time for peace in your life.

These simple steps keep me on track while I live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Your friend in health,

Coach Adam Cobb


One thought on “Staying On Track

  1. I start every day with a green smoothie as well. If you don’t own a Vitamix yet you should…best investment I’ve made. Beyond green drinks I also regularly enjoy home made nut butter, hummus and soups, and am excited to try grinding my own grain when I get a bit more brave 🙂

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