Timeliness – Why Is It So Important?

When we speak about health, one of the biggest factors that can influence your wellbeing in a negative way is stress. Stress is often caused due to a lack of planning or by being late. 

Nothing inspires confidence in a business person sooner than punctuality, nor is there any habit which sooner saps his reputation than that of being always behind time. – W. Mathews

Showing up on time indicates your respect for other people. Punctuality is a great way to make a positive personal impact. Time and the way it relates to others is amazing, consider this train of thought. 

Follow these 8 tips for time management:
1. You care. Showing up and on time is one of the best ways to show someone that you care about them.

2. You respect others. Arriving on time shows that you respect others. Respect is the foundation for creating great long-term relationships.

3. You are professional. Being on time is a fundamental tool for anyone who wants to be perceived as being the very best.

4. You are confident. When you show up on time, it’s a sign that you are confident to take on whatever might lay before you. Tardiness can imply that you aren’t confident, or that you are hesitating to deal with a person or situation.

5. You are open to others. Punctuality says, “I’m ready” — to be involved with whatever is set before you. People who aren’t ready often show up late or not at all.

6. You have an edge. Being punctual gives you an edge. Timing is everything. Being punctual is great; being early is even better! (Be careful of being too early, though!)

7. You’re in control. People choose to do business with those they like, know, and trust. They like doing business with people who are in control. If you always arrive early or on time, you give the impression that you are in control and manage things well.

8. You have a standard for excellence. Punctuality is but one standard of excellence. It implies that you are in control of your life and shows that you respect yourself and others.

Bonus Tip: this is my personal favorite and my most practiced time management tip. I maximize every minute out of my day, so when arriving to a meeting early without having that feeling of losing some valuable time, I bring something to read or write, the new JAMA magazine, my Duke study material, or the new piece of poetry I’m working on. I always have something to occupy my time well.

We are talking about a new lifestyle; challenge yourself to be on time!

Your friend in health,
Coach Adam Cobb

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