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How Community and Connection Can Help Us Heal

This week on the podcast, Adam is talking with his hero— his mum. She is the one who taught him to always make a difference. “We, as people in a community, should take care of each other the best that we can.” This conversation was recorded back when Adam was 6 months into recovering from his ACL surgery. We know the importance of coming alive and finding your center, but here is your reminder that you can’t have health without healing and you can’t have healing without health.

Healing Together

  • Adam’s mum shares the pain she felt watching her son recover from such a painful experience. She remembers having to step back and let other people help him through the recovery, even though she herself has a career in physical therapy.
  • They fondly remember spending time together outside, doing yoga, doing sound healing, and praying.
  • He reflects on spending 6 months at home as an adult and how he learned better communication with his mum in that time

We Need Each Other

  • “As old as I get— it doesn’t matter. I still need a mum. You came through beyond what I could imagine.”
  • Adam talks about falling in love with his hometown for the first time in his life and growing in his faith.

What This Means in 2020

  • At the time we’re releasing this episode, people all over the world are having to stay indoors and isolate or practice social distancing.
  • It’s a time when families are coming together, whether in the same house or over video chat. While circumstances are not ideal, we can use this opportunity to connect and make time for these conversations. (Special shout out to all the single mothers out there raising sons!)
  • Let’s highlight these moments and create adventure in whatever way we safely can right now.

Adam’s mum’s question for you: what service fills your heart? Let us know over on Instagram at @8daysaweekpodcast. Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast so these new episodes go right to your device!

Pivotal Moments, Morning Routines, and the Truth About Wellness

Welcome back to the 8 Days A Week Podcast where Coach Adam Cobb and guests will help you come alive and find your center! If you missed the first episode of 2020 with Lindsay Wojciechowski, you can listen here. For this episode, Adam virtually sat down with Todd McCullough to chat about all things fitness, faith, and wellness. Adam and Todd dive into their morning and evening routines, how they find joy, and how they embrace rest.

Making Big Moves

  • “The one thing in life that’s constant is change.”
  • Todd shares how he confronts adversity through having control of his morning routine.
  • He recalls a time he was visiting Santa Barbara and he kept seeing an older woman out in the cold water with no wet suit. He shares the moment he asked her about why she did it and how her response solidified in his heart that he was meant to live in Santa Barbara.

Moments of Rest

  • Todd’s morning routine: moment of gratitude, lifting up a loved one, visualize what success looks like today, be still and listen to the sounds of the room and the rise and fall of your breath.
  • “Through the struggles that we all have, there is an opportunity for greatness on the other side.”
  • Adam shares that he asks God questions at night and listens for the answers in the morning. Every night he journals in his 5 Year Journal: “What was the beauty in my day?”

The Truth About Wellness

  • “Wellness is more than just burpees and Kale. It’s also your emotional and spiritual wellness.”
  • Todd shares that people often tell him that the physical changes they experience from working with him are secondary to the emotional and spiritual changes they experience.

Todd’s question for you is: What is the one thing you are going to do today to better your life and the lives of those around you?

Keep up with Todd at TMACfitness.com and at @TMACfitness on Instagram. Thoughts about the episode? Share them with us at @8daysaweekpodcast on Instagram!

Why You Should Replace Your To-Do List With A Delight List

Welcome to the 2020 launch of the 8 Days A Week podcast! Today, Adam is chatting with Lindsay, who is not only a nurse practitioner, but also a dear friend. Their friendship was born out of a shared workout at the Duke football field. Tune in to the episode to hear how Lindsay masters her movement.

Movement Creates…

  • “…control of everything else in my life. Movement is the driving factor for me; if that doesn’t happen, nothing else does to the ability I believe I am capable of.”
  • Four words Lindsay sees as connected: movement, diet, sleep, thoughts. If one thing is off on any given day, everything else is derailed. The goal: achieving grace and control.

Practical Tools

  • Lindsay is passionate about keeping herself accountable, particularly through making lists and taping them around her home.
  • “If I need more motivation and reminders of the things that center and ground me, then there’s stuff taped all over the place.”
  • Think “what fills my tank?” and own it so that you can be the best you.

Grace + Control; Joy + Delight

  • “If I’m taking care of myself… I have grace in the way I respond to things that may be out of my control.”
  • Lindsay started to write ‘delight’ lists. The requirements: it has to stop you in your moment and bring you joy. She shares her current ‘delight’ list on the episode.

Moving Through Health Challenges

  • Lindsay opens up about her experience healing physically and emotionally from cervical cancer and acknowledges the importance of staying on top of your health.
  • “Pay attention to your spirit, your emotions, and your physical health. Don’t think that you can heal completely if you don’t address all of them.”

Does Lindsay have you thinking about your own delight list? Share with us what’s on your list over on Instagram at @8daysaweekpodcast.