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#1 Way To Create Momentum

It is a great privilege and joy to introduce you to my dear friend and one of the most sought-after yoga teachers in the world, Nikki Costello.

In this video – I share with Nikki my #1 way that I create momentum with my clients and I ask her how it impacts her practice. Nikki’s language around momentum is like a poem with power! After watching this Coaching Conversation or minute of motivation, I challenge you to make a commitment to momentum this week and share it with me and your best friend / loved one. Accountability is essential on your walk of wellness.

Sharing is caring and the deeper you share the more determined your caring becomes.

Bonjour from Paree,

My Big Why Behind My Breathing Technique

I want to take a moment and thank you for all the love and personal emails I received since writing last week’s blog post… it really means a lot to me (my love language-words of affirmation, Hello!). Also, I wanted to apologize for not writing you for several months and at the same time thank you for your loyalty and commitment to my message of living healthy #8daysaweek. As I made the transition from New York to Paris on January 2nd for a 6-month work assignment, it took me a month or so to adjust and fully immerse myself into the culture.

I look forward to sharing some of my good, bad and ugly moments of adjusting to a city where the language is foreign and the geography is new… let me just say it has made for an interesting month so far and I wouldn’t change it for the world #blissedout.

I’m committed to serving you every Tuesday for the rest of this year through different vehicles like blog, vlog, audio samples, interviews with experts and well-designed pdf cheatsheets to up your health game. I have a feeling you are going to like how I mix it up on you, just how my clients like the spontaneity I give them.

Also, I want to remind you that I always welcome your feedback and questions – I’m a big believer that the only way we are going to inspire a higher level of energy and consciousness around wellness is if you help me curate the content. Teamwork makes the dream work; let’s dream big.

My approach to 8 Days A Week Wellness is always through the 3W’s of Move Well, Eat Well, and Think Well. This week I want to encourage you around the Think Well component and address your Champion Mindset. When you master your mindset you move in the direction you are meant to move in. (This week’s tweetable)

My fitness mentor Todd Durkin is always preaching “Get Your Mind Right”… and I’ve found over the last 15 years that you can exercise and practice proper nutrition but if you don’t invest time into developing a positive mindset, your results will never reach the next level you are going for. Part of developing this mindset has to do with knowing how to create mental space and what to do with the space you create… and this week I’m excited to share with you the foundation of my personal meditation practice that I’ve been doing for over 12 years.

My mentor Uncle Joe taught me a specific breathing technique that has served me and many of my clients over the years. Today I not only share the technique but I share the “why” behind the technique in less than a minute. Not sure about you, but I’ve never been one of those people that can just memorize something that’s said to me unless I understand the why behind the subject. Once I know the why, I’ll never forget it… and most importantly I’ll actively use it. If you are like me then you will love this weeks message and take action.

>>>Check out my audio meditation message here.<<<

Lastly, I’d like to add that I’m not just sharing some meditation toolkit with you today… I’m passing on a gift that was given to me before my mentor Uncle Joe graduated to heaven and the #1 reason why I moved to New York and started my company with such vision.

The vision was and still is Find Your Center aka Get Your Mind Right. Let me warn you that this is the most challenging part of wellness. Most people fall short because like Abs in the gym, they put it at the end of their workout or in this case, their day. I challenge you to start your day with 1 minute of mindfulness for the next 22 days.

I didn’t feel that just writing about this would make a big impact on you because I want this to be experiential for you. So, I locked myself in a recording studio (got my inner Jay-Z on!) and recorded multiple meditations.

Over the 3 hours of recording I remembered many nuggets of wisdom that my mentor shared with me. Through a bunch of tears, smiles, and laughs I made an attempt to honor Uncle Joe as I pass on the gift that was given to me and I hope it makes a difference in your life.

I’ll be sharing 8 different recordings that will build on each other over the next 6 months. I hope you love them as much as I loved creating them for you.

With every blessing,

If you missed last week’s blog post – head on over here and check it out. Move it or lose it, fam! “See” you next Tuesday. Same time, same place!

8 Great Move It or Lose It Movements To Create All Day Energy

Movement is less about exercise and more about embracing a mindset.

It’s that simple…and at the same time, not easy.

These 8 move-it or lose-it movements are specifically intended to get you going and keep you going. They will incorporate movement into your everyday activities and spark your metabolism from the moment you jump out of bed to greet the day.

Take a moment now to check out the 8 movements and incorporate them into your everyday routine:

    1. Get up and brush your teeth
      This is your first action of each day. As soon as you get out of bed, brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes to jump start your mind & body. Even if you’re tired, I challenge you to do it. Once you do, you will find yourself more aware and awake. 9 out of 10 times you will not feel like going back to bed. It’s about Mind over Mattress, your mind is more powerful than you can imagine. PS: The snooze button was made for lazy people, it has no part of the healthy lifestyle you are focused on. #YouSnoozeYouLose


    1. Put music on
      Music puts a rhythm and beat to your movements. You can’t help but keep moving when your tunes are playing and you’ve got your swag on. Music crates movement. And movement creates momentum. As the French say, “Voila!”


    1. Make and eat breakfast
      Breaking the overnight fast is critical to your energy. It’s the first big thing you’ve planned for the day. It’s one of my three critical phases to health (move well, think well, and of course, eat well). Spending time in France, I’ve noticed that the Parisians don’t put much importance on breakfast. They’d rather sleep a few minutes longer and grab a croissant and coffee on the way to work (if they eat anything at all). Sleeping an extra 15 minutes and sacrificing breakfast is self-sabotage. Taking time to make and eat breakfast gets your daily lifestyle off on the right step and revs up your metabolism. So I urge you (and the French people here in Paree) to take the time to have breakfast. Wake up for your wellness and set yourself up for success.


    1. Plan and prep at least 2 more meals
      This preparation of a mid-morning snack and lunch (maybe even a mid-afternoon snack) will keep you on track and will become part of your daily lifestyle. You’ll stay on course, when you know where you are headed. Remember that health and fitness is frequency and having meals planned keeps you on that track. When you eat well, you go from average energy to excellent energy. Anything is possible in your day if you never get tired.


    1. Get outside and go for a walk
      Spending time outside is energizing because scientifically we get Vit. D from the sun which elevates our mood. When I move well outside I like to think of it as an adventure. If it’s jogging in a new neighborhood or exploring my local community, my goal is to look for a few new things. If you are looking for newness, you’ll find it. I hope you enjoy your next adventure and let your imagination soar. Baby steps… today I challenge you to drive a different way to work or for the city commuter, walk down different streets. My personal clients know that I like to reference hip hop lyrics from time to time, so to conclude this point, like Hip-Hop star Lil’ Wayne says, “Walk It Out” every day.


  1. Sit and breathe
    This is probably the hardest of the 8 movements. Sit where it’s very quiet and concentrate on a minute of quiet breathing time…that’s five sets of 4-2-6 breathing (just 60 seconds). Focus on one thing that you are grateful for. This will help you center yourself and set up your mind to think more effectively and gain clarity and purpose.


    1. Plan another movement
      This is the time to practice living your lifestyle, to inspire your significant other, co-workers and community. Healthy living and movement are not something that can be taught. They must be caught…planned and practiced. After 15 years of teaching healthy living, 10% of client results are because I teach them vs the 90% that they see me living the lifestyle and practicing what I preach. As your confidence level increases, your sense of purpose ignites, your relationships flourish, and your body becomes stronger.


  1. Create more joy
    There is happiness and then there is joy. Happiness is in the moment, maybe after purchasing new shoes or kicks, maybe after someone compliments you. Joy is an internal feeling from within that’s built over time. Daily, consistent movement creates joy and enhances gratefulness. It’s hard to be grateful and be depressed. Movement is depression’s Kryptonite. That’s a tweetable! Movement improves your mind, body and spirit—all of which adds to your happiness, overall health and energy. Make your move-it or lose-it lifestyle an exciting quest #8daysaweek.


“It’s about setting your pace from the outset in the morning and getting your body moving, so you can keep your fire burning,” as I said in a post a few months ago. “Without motion, you’re not creating any energy and your metabolism will stay slow and sluggish, which is exactly what you don’t want.” So get moving and keep moving. As my mentor, Dr. Jeffrey Bland, told me many years ago as I was arriving to the gym in the morning while he was leaving, “You Either Move It or Lose It, It’s Your Choice.”

Bonne Journee from Paree,


P.S. What’s your top tip to get moving? Please share your success story and keep the conversation going strong.






[Insider Tip] The most successful people eat like this

When you’re at the top of your game — or you’re trying to get there — you’re always on the go. And when you’re on the go, sometimes you give up control. You let the day take you and use being busy as an excuse to skip even the most fundamental basic self care.

I talk to people all the time who go hours on end without eating. Either you don’t make time for it, or you’re skipping meals under the guise of making “healthy” choices when the only options around you are junk. Whatever the reason, you’re not getting fuel in your body, and that’s a problem.

How do you expect your body to keep going and your wheels to keep spinning? You can’t perform at your best when you’re running on fumes. You may think you’re saving time, but what you’re actually doing is breaking down. Top performers plan ahead.

This week’s Coaching Conversation covers how you can take control of planning your food intake to fuel your best work. If you want to keep going strong, you’ve got to keep your fire stoked #8DaysAWeek.

Cheers with water,

P.S. Your body needs fuel. It isn’t optional. Stop fooling yourself – you can’t do your best work or stay energetic and alert without it.

Eat Fat for Energy and Get Fit

Eat Fat; Get Energy

“Fat-free” was a fad. 

Now it’s a new day and the truth comes out “Eat Good Fat to Get Fit.”

Possibly the best news you have heard all day and, yes, I’m serious!

On this week’s Coaching Conversation, I break down 3 myths about fat that drive me crazy when I hear them. 

Also, I offer you 20+ examples of good fats that I want you to start eating to create the energy you want and crave.

I’m not sure if you are like me when it comes to nutrition,  but I can’t get enough of the education of food. This week, I literally geek out on the science of fat and dive deep into the subject. #haha

After watching the video, in the comments section below, please do share how you will incorporating more good fats into your diet. Inquiring minds (AKA: the FYCcommunity) want to know)!

Cheers with Water,


PS: I wanted to leave you with this. When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, its ONLY about 2 things: Commitment to living healthy = Desire and Action 

Eat Fat to Lose Fat


From the Fall of 2006 to the Summer of 2010, I worked will a client that wanted to lose weight but never could.

It seemed no matter what we did, she would stay the same weight with the same figure.

In the summer of 2010, we had a heart to heart talk and she confessed to me that she hadn’t quite followed the nutrition plan we had put together.

She told me that she didn’t trust the fact that eating high quality good fat foods would help her lose weight.

I could totally understand why she felt that way, when I kept telling her that you have to eat fat to lose fat. Really! Did that even make sense?

However, what I explained to her was that all fats are not created equal, and although I understood her reluctance, I explained why what I was suggesting actually works and asked her to just try.

Once she shifted her mindset and started eating high fat quality foods (obviously, in moderation), she dropped to her goal weight in 4 months verse the 4 years that she struggled.

In this week’s coaching conversation, I break down why healthy fats promote weight loss and provide you some quick homework to help you understand your body better.

WOW (Word of the Week: “Eat Good Fat to Lose Bad Fat.” @CoachAdamCobb @FYCmethod

Now that you know that all fats are not created equal, In the comment’s section of the blog, be sure to share the 1-2 types of good fats you will be adding to your diet.

Cheers with Water,

Coach Adam Cobb

Science Says: Eat Pizza to Get Fit!


Whether you are from New York or not, I’m sure you’re on the same page as Matt from the BK, when he asks, “How many times can you eat pizza in a week?”

The answer is simple: EAT PIZZA ONCE A WEEK AND GET FIT.  

Do it. I’m giving you permission!

Check out this week’s video – it’s the blog y’all been waiting for. You deserve to be TREATED for living a healthy life and making good decisions. 

You don’t want to get down on yourself for CHEATING. This week I explain the difference between a treat meal, and a cheat meal.

WORD OF THE WEEK (WOW): “Living Healthy is Not a Short Term Mindset; It’s a Long-Term Lifestyle.” @CoachAdamCobb   #FYCmethod   #TreatNotCheat #WOW

I want you to shift your mentality: You work hard all week, not to cheat yourself, but to treat yourself. Leave guilt out of it. 

Finally feel good to enjoy your craving. I’m not only giving you permission, I’m challenging you to plan your treat meal for this week and indulge. (But make sure you watch the video first or you might miss how your treat can help your health goals!)

What will you choose for your treat meal this week? Leave your choice in the comments below! Next week, I’ll share with you my treat meals and 1 major takeaway that will change the game completely for you!

Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things.

Have the best week ever and remember, you must do the unpopular to accomplish the unforgettable.  

Cheers with Water,

Coach Adam Cobb



10 Easy Tips to Break Your Sugar Addiction Today


In last week’s Coaching Conversation, I shared with you some frightening facts about sugar addiction. One that is worth repeating is according to researchers at University of California San Francisco, sugar contributes to 35 million deaths globally each year. I hope that this fact alone did shock you—as this number proves that sugar is as toxic as alcohol and tobacco.

I am not naïve to tell you not to eat anything with sugar in it (especially as we talk about Treat Day next week), but I hope you took me up on my challenge last week to decrease your sugar intake to less than 9 grams per serving. Many of us eat and drink things that have well over 30 to 50 grams per servings everyday, which equals 5 to 10 teaspoons of sugar per candy bar, per soft drink, per juice, etc.

First, my goal was to educate you on what “added” sugar is actually doing to your body. This week, I want to help you kick that sugar habit by helping you reduce those cravings. I understand that even with all of these facts, we are all human—and those cookies, cakes and Frappuccino’s can be tough to ignore!

Did you know that water, toothpaste, and fat (yes, fat!) could be your greatest allies? Take just a few minutes today to watch this week’s Coaching Conversation video and learn the best ways to fight off those sugar cravings. Let’s end the sugar addiction today, together. I’m here to help! Try these tips one at a time and see the difference it makes in how you feel. Note these changes.

Word of the Week (WOW): “People’s nutritional pitfall starts and ends with sugar!” @CoachAdamCobb #FYCmethod #NoMoreSugarAddiction #WOW

What do you do to fight off those sugar cravings? Don’t forget to share your tips in the comments below.

If you need help putting these tips in to action, or think I can help you further, reach out here and we’ll set up a 15 minute consultation:

Cheers With Water,

Coach Adam Cobb

Do I need Supplements To Be Healthy?


Today we are tackling a great question from LUCA of the FYC Community. Is there any way I can get healthy, physically and mentally, without taking supplements? 

The answer is a resounding YES; you absolutely can maintain nutrients and energy in your body for overall health without supplements.

However, there is an astounding BUT associated to that statement.

The reality is that most people are not eating the right things (or enough of the right things) to get the amount of nutrients their body needs on a daily basis.

What’s important to realize is food is thy medicine, the cleaner the food you eat, the less supplementation you will need.

Click about to watch this week’s Coaching Conversation to find out the top 5 vitamins/supplements that I recommend to take daily and some BONUS information for all of you vegetarians out there!

Tweetable: “I don’t take supplements as a pick me up, I take them to tune me up.” @CoachAdamCobb @FYCmethod

In the comments below, please share what supplements you are taking and why? I know there are so many questions on this topic, so the more you can share the more we can continue the conversation on this very important topic.

Thank you again for taking time to read and watch the blogs. I hope that each week you are taking a nugget or two away and really starting to kickstart your health.

Cheers With Water,

Coach Adam Cobb

As a disclaimer: Be sure to ask your doctor if there are any implications in taking any supplements with any medications you may be on. Most supplements are harmless, however, you always want to consult with your medical practitioner to be sure.

How do I lose belly fat “fast”?

In today’s Tuesday Talk, I am excited to answer Sarah from New York City’s question on “How do I lose belly fat “fast”?”

You would think this is the most common question I get from women, but I actually get this a lot more from men. It is a great question to ask because losing belly fat isn’t just about looking good; it is about living a long, healthy life.

Losing belly fat FAST is not the best or most sustainable answer to being healthy (or looking good). I have shared with you 8 simple tips to NOT set you up for failure, but to lose that belly fat for good.

1) Set a healthy target weight.

2) Eat GOOD fats to lose that BAD fat – in moderation!

3) Upgrade your mornings.

4) Eat more protein.

5) Incorporate movement daily.

6) Drink water BEFORE your meals.

7) Do not skip meals!

8) Inspire yourself daily.

Check out today’s Tuesday Talk video above to dive in to the details of these tips and get to work on your healthiest self.

Tweetable: It takes 22 days to form a habit. Find your motivation and use it to keep up the amazing momentum that you have to live #8DaysAWeek. @CoachAdamCobb @FYCmethod

Please share with me your victories and struggles with these tips on how to lose belly fat. Which one is hardest to stick to? Which one made the difference for you? Everything you share below in the comments helps someone else who is on the journey to be better.

Cheers With Water,

Coach Adam Cobb