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As we close in on Christmas and the new year we can celebrate our achievements of the past twelve months and think ahead to the next. I have a number of favorite quotes I read again and again. The provide inspiration and direction. A few I came across over the past year are worth sharing. Please take a moment to think about them and to take them to heart as I have done.
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Merry Christmas

As you celebrate this special day with family and friends take the time to be truly grateful. I mean actually say out loud to yourself what you are thankful for. Some families experience lots of stress today because they host and cook most of the food and want to make everything perfect. Do take the time to honor each other, share with each other what you are thankful for, even go around the table during Christmas dinner and give thanks.
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60 Things You Can Do for Ultimate Success

I wanted to share the words and inspiration of some leaders and giants in the field of health and wholeness. Sometimes you can hear the same inspiration message by a different person and it can mean something totally different. I hope these tips of success speak to you like they have spoken to me. Robin Sharma is a leadership expert who shares these 60 tips for ultimate success, thought it to be perfect to share because of the synergy with 60 tips and 60 days.
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